When You Get Your Story Published On The News



Photographer, content designer and trader

. . .

Another first-time, my story is published on the newspaper.

Its a perk having some friends on another field of work. You can get other experience. So, regarding to my last trip to Sweden, I wrote an article on my photoblog.

And then I remember Anita, my friend from highschool. She works as an editor in a big newspaper in East of Indonesia. I tell her that I have a story that maybe can be published on her news. She said “off course!”.

After some editing here and there, two days ago she informed me that my story has been launched on the online news. Check the link here. And soon will be published on printed version.

How glad I am..

And finally, the printed one is here. 3/4 pages with my photos. Muahahaha..

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