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Everyone knows the statue of Christ The Redeemer in Brazil. It is a popular tourist destination in South America, especially for Christian people. And now, we have it also in Toraja. Its called Christ The King. The height is taller than the one in Brazil. It was built two years ago and it almost finish now.

Waiting for Sunrise

I have been there several time to take picture from above. This morning, ramdomly I decided to climb again. It was a perfect moment because the mountain is covered by the mist and cloud. I went there by motorcylce. The road is better than before. It took about 30 minutes from my home.


I visited the Cave of Virgin Mary and then climb to the highest point of Mount Burake. It was quite easy, even I wore a flip-flop. The ground is solid, so did not take extra effort to step.

The view is really amazing. I can see the 360 degree view of Makale city, the capital of Tana Toraja. The air was cold but I can cope it with my jacket. Sometimes the place I stood was covered by white mist so I can not see anything. I wait until it’s blown away by the wind so I can manuver my camera.


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