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I spent my first week of my vacation this time at Bulukumba, visiting Bara beach. It supposed to be in January, but after having discussion with hostel owner, Jordan, he recommended me to come on March. He was true, this month is the best time to enjoy the beach, no rain and cloudy sky.


After landed in Makassar, I stayed at really cheap hostel at Panakkukang. It was only 75K with great facility and breakfast. #heaven. Haha. It is Makassar Guest House. If you want to stay at makassar for couples of day, this hostel can be one of your choice. Located in the central of makassar.

On the next day, I went to Malengkeri Terminal to catch my ‘bus’ to bulukumba. I was lucky because as I arrived there, a ‘bus’ just want to depart. On that ‘bus’ I met Isabele and Julia, and they become my travel mate for two days.

Stormy sunrise at Bulukumba Harbour

At that morning, we should have a solar ecplise about 80% as announced in TV. But it was only 10%. Haha.

Isabel and Julia are students in UGM. They come from Germany for student exchange programe for 6 month. This is their first month. They are generous but quite ‘rempong’. Haha. They have a lot of complaints about this and that, especially the price. Haha.

It was took about 6 hours to get Cosmos Bungalow at Pantai Bara. Isabele and Julia had not booked their hostel, so they followed me. And they ended up with big smile after seeing the scenery from the hostel.

Panoramic view form balcony

Cosmos Bungalow is really a perfect place to enjoy the sea and beach. Its located in Bara Beach, just beside Bira Beach. The hostel is erected on the cliff, so we can have a wide view to the sea.  The rooms is like a small hut with great decoration. They provide a fan and hammock in front of the hut. They have small ‘cafe’ or ‘bar’ just by the cliff, and open water or white sand belaow the balcony. When the tide come, usually in the mid day, the sea level will rise and create a big big pool for swimming. And when the tide goes, the white sand beach will appear.

On the next day, we met Leo and Sal. Two guys from Jakarta nad Kalimantan. They joined us for snorkling. The snorkling spot is not really good compared to Pulau Pahawang on Sumatra. We only visited one island, may be they have another better spot in the next island. But still, we really enjoy that private tour. Hehe.

Sunset at Pusahelu

Isabele and Julia decided to leave soon to Toraja becouse their friend would not come to Bira. On the next day, me and the boys rent two motorcycle and go to Pusahelu for sunset, Bulukumba Harbour for Sunrise and the last one is Appalarang. Appalarang is a new trend destination in Bulukumba. It is a combination between cliff and shallow sea. Please visit applarang in the morning for the best view.

Applarang Cliff

On the thid day, I spent the day alone, since Leo and Sal should go to makassar soon. I enjoy the last day with wandering along the beach and swimming in the minndle of the day. And I got perfectly tanned. haha.

Infinite Pool, view from balcony

Travel mates
Travel mates
Time to go home
Time to go home

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