Covid-19 Day 82 : I miss being in the wilderness

After watching this video, I miss being in the nature so bad. This guy has a amazing youtube channel, the content is mostly about hiking. I have been subscribed his channel long time ago. Kraig Adams. The quality of the video is really good. The scenery that he shoot combined with the background music, can […]

When You Get Your Story Published On The News

Another first-time, my story is published on the newspaper. Its a perk having some friends on another field of work. You can get other experience. So, regarding to my last trip to Sweden, I wrote an article on my photoblog. And then I remember Anita, my friend from highschool. She works as an editor in […]

Hiking To Cartenz

Last Sunday was not a good day for hike, but we made it anyway. The trip was planned two months ago before my vacation. I went with my boss and friends from church. On that rainy morning, we decided to keep moving, hoping that after several hours the weather will be okay. We started our […]