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Let’s visit another ‘beauty’ of Jakarta.

On that very hot day, I decided to visit Sunda Kelapa. Actually I have been there but only for view minutes, since it was only me, no one else who looked like a tourist. I guess I came in the wrong time. So, to accomplish my mission capturing those big traditional ship, instead of in the middle of the day, I went in the afternoon. People said that the proper time to visit is morning or afternoon. Yes, it is a golden our for photographing.

Sunda Kelapa

I spent several hours in Starbucks Stasiun Kota, reading my book until 4.15pm. I love the interior but not that noisy ambience. There was a briefing for newbie barista that will be deployed soon to Starbucks shop in Jakarta. The trainer was talking quite loud so I can overhear what he/she is talking about. One thing that ring the bell is “we should always welcoming everyone, even he is a swpeeper, satpam, milkman. Always say “Selamat Datang'”.

Time to continue my random trip. Sunda Kelapa harbour is not that far from Kota Tua. (You can get Kota Tua by Trans Jakarta, line Blok M – Kota). Just go straight via Cengkeh street and then take the right tun on the end. No need to pay for entrance. I asked for permission to the satpam just to make sure whether we are allowed to enter the site since there are big screen explain that we need self protection equipment before entering. But, he gave me an OK.

Stranded ship

Sunda Kelapa harbour is old harbour in Jakarta even in Indonesia. You can find the history of this harbour here. It was established on 12th century and become the main trade center for Sunda Kingdom.

It was so dusty because of the big trucks pass by every time, so please bring your own mask. There are several crew man loading their goods into the ship. Some of modern crane help them to perform this job, it will save time. Going further more, while I was taking picture, there is a man from a small boat yelled at me.

“Come..come.. I will give you a tour around this place”

“How much is it?”

“Hmm.. only 50 K”

It was really expensive comparing the information I got from review in internet.

“I’ll give you 30K” I tried to bargain.


Couples minute later I already sit nicely on the shaking boat, holding my camera tightly. Haha. We need to make a slight move he and there between those big ship. I insisted to make a chit chat with the man, but he just smile and smile. The only information I got was he came from Bugis. Hahaha.

During the tour, I could observe their living-on-the-boat routine. They bath, cook, washing, etc on their boat. I wondered how can they get a fresh water? Some of them just relaxing on the deck, chatting with their neighbour. In the other side, the land part, there are abundant of ‘small house’ that not really hygienics. It should be a really hard life.

hey neighbour!

The more we entered the open sea, the wave was getting bigger. My driver make a turn we went back to our port. It was even harder to get off from the boat. Haha.

I also visited Museum Bahari, unfortunately it was closed already. So I just took some picture from outside. Before going back, I had my beer at Bangi Kopitiam Kota Tua. They have a vintage decoration. Aside the Bangi, there are two other restaurant with different menu and interior. I just realized that Kota Tua is tidying up right now. Restoration is held for the abandoned old building. Lets see how it can be look like several years later.

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Shaky boat
school kids

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