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I am confident with my decision that I should stop running for a while. I got injured on my leg especially the shin-bone. They said its called shin splints.

The injure occurs after we did some over do, wrong technique, or wrong equipment while exercising. For the past 2 year, I managed to run/jogging and swim regularly. Those are my kind of sport. There is nothing wrong with the swimming except I still can not use free-stroke very well :p

Lets talk about running. Recently, I feel some pain on my shin bone. It always hurts after I run for hundreds meter. Eventually, I can not run a long track that I used to be. I tried to give it a rest for several days even weeks, and I started to run again. But the same symptom occurred even worse.

After reading some articles and consult to some people that expert in running, they urged me to rest from running for a while,  one or two months. They said that may be I have the wrong equipment and technique. Hmm..

Finally, I come to a conclusion, I wore the bad shoes. I bought a new shoes in January this year. Since then, I never used my old running-shoes again. So? What kind of shoes I bought ? It was a casual shoes with sporty design. It is really comfortable for walking but, for running, its not. But I did not mind that. I wore it also when I had a long run in Sweden.  There is another factor, I always run in long pace. It gives more pressure to my heel that make more tension at muscle around my shin bone.

It is really a bad experience yet a good teacher. Dont push ourself and please obey the rules.

Anyway, I will not stop work out, I still can go for walk or hiking. I cant resist to ‘ngemil‘ during CFD every Sunday in Sudirman street. haha.

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