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Couple days ago, there was a new ambience in Trans Jakarta. It because of new armada delivered from China . Some ‘fancy’ bus start to operate in corridor I that connect Kota and Blok M. Since the first launching, however, still on ‘testing’ state, i have tried the bus several time. It is good to see the improvement on our transportation services.

Modern looking design. There are some enhancement of this bus from its predecessor. The bus has two parts that chained by elastic metal so it can accomodate more people. The body is slimmer. It’s construction looks very firm, at least at my first sight. As we know, the old bus has very noisy sound when pass the rough street. There are more pole inside the bus, so the passenger can hold it. About the door, the hydraulic system is placed above the door and covered by the ceiling part. It is more safe than be placed below the passenger seat. There is an alarm when the door is closing or opening. And the green button for emergency door.

The bus also equipped with camera to record the activity inside. I do not know whether it is already work or just a ‘decoration’. Some electronic panels can be found in this armada. It indicate the destination an also the air temperature. We can say, it is smarter than its old-brother. :D

But there is still a problem on the parallel-destination corridor. Because the bus has three door, the queue line can be confusing. Beforehand, each door-station has a particular destination. So if you want to go to A, you should queue on the door A. But now, we can boarding to the bus on the each door. No wonder, complaint shouted out on the bus :D.

I think the solution is to make a bigger station that has many door and better queue system, not only improving the amount of the bus.

I hope no more long queue line tomorrow.


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