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I was waken up by Adrianti call today, it was 7.45am. She asked me whether I have a plan going out for today. I said that I am flexible, then she informed me that our friend, Yoan, is in the hospital now. Yoan has been hospitalized for three days. Anti asked me to accompany her and Hendri to visit Yoan.  Oh, they are my friends from Junior High school.

We met at Carolus Hospital at Salemba. It was very happy moment instead of Yoan condition, but I thinks Yoan need a laughting friends around her to cheer her up. Haha. Yes, and as the our routine meet up, laughing is at everytime, for sure it was because Hendri humor. Several minutes later, Lina and Meyske joined us. One moment that remembered me about our childhood is we always pray for our friend when we visit them. It’s really so sweet. :).

At 2pm, we decided to leave and find our lunch. Hendri asked us if we want to have our late lunch with pork. Everyone said “YES”. Haha.. Typical , torajaneese, lindo pa’piong. :P

There is a Manado Restaurant near the hospital, we can get there by angkot 01. The place is not so wah, it’s like a ordinary warung that we can find anywhere. The menu was so complete. I think all of pork recipe is offered. I choose pork satay and RW. RW is dog meat. hehe.. RW is very popular in my hometown, Toraja, besides pork. But in my opinion, RW toraja is still the best in the world. We had a long conversation and laugh. It always a good time to reminisce our nostalgic moment with old friend.

If you want to visit this restaurant, just go to jalan kramat 5 and find the warung called Tinoor Permai. Oh, the price is very cheap anyway.

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