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Once upon a time, I went to Kinokuniya my my office mate after having our lunch. I wanted to take a look some book about project management. I realized I lack of knowledge about project management. Unfortunately, the price is unbelievable. My friend told me that he has some ebook in his storage and promised to send me later.

“Hei, I know this book” I took a book from the shelve. Norwegian Book, by Haruki Murakami. It brought me to a posting that my friend casting on his path ‘reading Norwegian Wood’ and some dirty comment about it. haha. But I knew this guy, he wont read any crap book. So I considered that it was a really good book.

“I have read that book” my friend told me.

“How was it? Do you recommend this book to me? You know lah my genre.”

“Hmm.. well it is a good book, but not a really good book. Eventually I talk to my self “Why am I reading this book? “


“Just go to cashier and purchase it” He urged me.

And we left the mall with a book in me hand.

So, how was it ?

This book is not that complicated, the story is about some boys and girls that have lonely and weird life. Toru Watanabe, the main character is trapped in some confusing love. He has a friend whom had died from suicide. He really fond to him. And then he fall in love to his friend’s girlfriend, Naoko. But it is not that easy, the girl possess some kind of mental illness that has to be cured in a remote sanatorium.

While he is far away from Naoko, he meet a girl, Midori. She is a more cheerful girl, very different from Naoko. Since Toru doesnt have so many friend, he always spent his free time with her. At the end he fall in love with her. How about Naoko?

In his dormitory, Toru does has a friend, Nagasawa. A rich and smart guy, born from silver spoon. He is a really unique guy, straightforward. (my favourite character in this book. I always adore people who has a very clear idea about his life/future). Besides he is very popular in his campus because of five snails. He also has a charm so he can choose any girl to sleep with.

There is also some erotic part of this book. You know lah, but not that much. I have read some book ‘worse’ than this one. It describes about a free sex in Japan. So, this book suit for you, perverted. :D

At the end of this book there is a twist that make my forehead wrinkle. haha.

As my friend told me, I just kept reading this book. I didn’t  know, the story is really flat. Some Nothing special. It drew me into imagination, though. Or maybe it that made it a special one. Inferno, by Dan Brown, is more tricky than this book. (But till now, I have not managed to finish it).

An absurd book.

PS. They have filmed this book. May be I have to download it to have more clear vision. :p

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  1. But Murakami sensek got his award from this book and this book is so popular so that Murakami sensei is always mentioned with this book as a reference. Hahaha. You make me curious even more to read it! :D

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