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ah, my last post was three months ago..

Where have I been? I’m still here, in-the-middle-of-no-where, Tembagapura. In the last three months, I really enjoy my life as traveller. On may I had a vacation to South Korea, with two friends. I have not made a post about it, too busy arranging the next itinerary :D. I will launch it soon!. And on may I went to Bali with my sister and my cousin.

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About works? hmm.. I think I made a progress that my mentor trust me to continue his project. Well, its not that complicated, but still a great chance to improve my skill. I hope I can explore more. Its depends on the freeport timeline that always delayed -.-

One thing that I really enjoy about this place, as I told before, the scenery! I can go hike with my friends every Sunday, if the weather is good. I have a list of place that I want to explore with my camera.

#workout, I tried to keep going to gym for threadmill, at least once a week. For swimming, I am in progress to mastering the free-style stroke. It is not that difficult as I thought before, I just need to apply the correct technique. Now I can go 700m by free-style stroke.

Last month, I started to fund the renovation for my parents home. Finally I can make something ‘big’ for them ;) . I reserved a room special for me, that I will decorate them. Things that I wanted to do years ago. hehe.

Since I can earn more money now, I begin to put more serious attention on investment thingy. Thanks for tax amnesty and whatever-that-happened lately, I can see my bloomberg watchlist with smile every morning. I remember several months ago, I lost some millions, but now I gain more million rupiah. Bu Sri Mulyani, please maintain our economy!

Decide to reduce my activity on social media, I unistalled Path on my iPhone and left the Line. I think I was to attached to social media, and maybe made me looked ‘conceited’ or ‘show off’ by posting my ‘pencitraan’ on social media. So for now, I have only Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you follow my twitter, I put an hashtag on my tweet as signature, #LivingInMineSite. you can find some (maybe) great picture or just a silly sentence there.

So, here I am, struggling for lyfe!

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