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For IC Analog designer, this software is not odd anymore. L-Edit is one of powerful software to layout your design. Its very simple to use, it is like you drawing a picture in paint.

But there is a problem if you want to use this software ( i use Tanner Tool V14), it require a license from the company (Tanner Inc). So you have to buy the software. For a undergraduate student, the price is so expensive. So i try to find some information to crack this software. After doing some searching, i find the crack for Tanner Tool v14. I have uploaded the crack here.





After installation the software ( Tanner Tool), just copy the crack folder to program files -> Tanner Tool. After that, run crack.bat. It’s work on Windows Xp.

If you install the program on windows 7 / vista, you have do some extra task. After installation, restart your computer and enter to safe mode ( press F10 key on your keyboard ). In safe mode state, copy crack.bat and crack.com to program files -> Tanner Tool. Run crack.bat as administrator. Restart your computer and enter to normal state. Go to start, and run L-Edit. Whalaa.. it works.. :)

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  1. it didn’t work for me on xp or windows 7. i made a copy of the crack
    in the install folder ritgh next to ledit.exe and started it. it says
    it cannot find the files to apply the patch. any ideas?

  2. yes i’ve tried them all. How did you manage to crack it? I’m using a version of 64 bits. i tried on a virtual machine but didn’t work.

    1. oh, i see. i think the problem is the system. my friend has tried to install it on 64bit and it didn’t work. and also on virtual machine.

  3. Do you have the way for fix problem about 64bit yet?
    Pls help, i need to use TANNER tools for my research.
    Can’t crack it !!!

    1. unfortunately, i cant help you. my friend had the same problem with you. and finally he turned his OS into 32bit version.

  4. i have 32bit win 7.
    the patch is not working.
    did all as u said.
    previously i istalled tanner7.
    wrked fine. bt then tried 13 didnt work.frm then on i failed reinstalling 7 and alos failed in istalling 13 and 14.
    in case of 14 it says lservc file is not found. help plz

  5. read comments here.. not about busway, but about 32bit.. whats that?

    cool, if the busway look like modern in this picture..

  6. semoga tercapai semua apa yang diingin deh.. keliling asean, langsing, bisa nabung, juga beriman..

  7. I have Tanner V 13 crack and after installing in Windows7 it gives license error. Do you have any fix?

    1. hi Sarah, maybe you can find it in torrent :)
      Its been years since the last time i used this software.

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