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L-Edit Tanner Tools

For IC Analog designer, this software is not odd anymore. L-Edit is one of powerful software to layout your design. Its very simple to use, it is like you drawing a picture in paint.

But there is a problem if you want to use this software ( i use Tanner Tool V14), it require a license from the company (Tanner Inc). So you have to buy the software. For a undergraduate student, the price is so expensive. So i try to find some information to crack this software. After doing some searching, i find the crack for Tanner Tool v14. I have uploaded the crack here.





After installation the software ( Tanner Tool), just copy the crack folder to program files -> Tanner Tool. After that, run crack.bat. It’s work on Windows Xp.

If you install the program on windows 7 / vista, you have do some extra task. After installation, restart your computer and enter to safe mode ( press F10 key on your keyboard ). In safe mode state, copy crack.bat and crack.com to program files -> Tanner Tool. Run crack.bat as administrator. Restart your computer and enter to normal state. Go to start, and run L-Edit. Whalaa.. it works.. :)

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