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As an Introvert, yes I already accepted what I am, I couldn’t agree more with this comic below. It is described very well. I’ve been denied that I am not one of them, but the more I tried to be an extrovert the more I learn just to be my self. They said that nothing wrong to be an introvert, the only wrong thing is those extroverts think we are shy or maybe weird.

It is not easy, really, to get a long with new people or stranger, especially with a ‘basa basi’ thing. Haha.. I prefer to give a formal speech in front of thousands people then talk to a person with no specific topics. It is even worsen when I attend a party, a long party, I really miss my silent room in every single second.

When I go travelling, I prefer to go alone instead of bring my friends. I think I can enjoy the trip without considering other people objections. Yes its kinda selfish, but it is complicated to accommodate many people’s opinion.

Anyway, thing that I learned as an introvert, don’t go that further, closing our self. We need to be open, let other people see what inside our self, we don’t live alone in this lonely planet. Sometimes we are busy with our mind, wondering what people thinking about us, just ignore it and keep smile. :)

This is oddly soothing.

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