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This is the first and the last post in 2021! The only one. Busy life yah? Visiting this dusty blog again after a friend of mine told me that she is working on his posting. It really ignites the spark again inside me once more. So, let’s just summarize this very challenging 2021. The year of surprise, lot of surprises. Hopefully, decades later, this story could make me be grateful even more. 2021. Covid-19. New normal. The way of people lives is changing dramatically. I could not imagine before that I have to wear a mask everywhere I go. When meeting people, no more handshaking. It becomes really awkward, what gesture should I use. PCR and Antigen becomes our routine and even part of our monthly expenses. 2021. Vaccine. Everybody in this country is required to get their body vaccinated. It is free and available in many variants. I got myself Astra Zeneca variant. The first jab successfully gave me a fever and dizziness for three consecutive days. Others who got other variants did not feel the same side effect. Now, vaccine is a mandatory requirement to visit any public area. You name it; malls, stations, cafes, schools, airports, etc. 2021. Work-life is not that easy. Overthinking? Yes!. Visiting customers is another challenge. Just like last year. Online meeting is a new life-style. Teams, Zoom, Google meet. Everybody becomes an expert on how to conduct a meeting. It is very effective indeed, however, it is very exhausting as well. 2021. June-July-August. When the pandemic hit this country really hard. Suddenly, you find many obituaries in your Whatsapp group, even your inner circle. Many people died. Fear! Panic! I am grateful that my family still survives today. My mother got infected, but She recover well. Thanks for the vaccine. 2021. Sriwijaya Air. This still gives me eerie while taking a flight. I can not get over it. I am afraid to take flights especially in night, long flights, or during bad weather. I am aware that I can not avoid it because of my job or my duty. This trauma will vanish eventually. Hopefully!!! 2021. Crypto Turbulence. Hahahaha. “This time is different”. Any crypto enthusiast should be very familiar with this anecdote. During April-May-June-July, Bitcoin nuked almost 60%. In my opinion, this particular event makes people afraid to re-enter the market. Just a month before, everyone is very bullish, until China FUD and Ellon tweet destroy them all. :D . I remember the evening when I was running, my friends starting to text me. “What do you think about the market?”. “Well, you should prepare for this kind of event”. I try to be optimistic, but it made me ‘suffocate’ on one night. It was the darkest dawn. :)) . And today? It seems okay. We’ll see in the couple on months. HODL!!! 2021. Failure. I did have a failure in an attempt I try to. But, life must go on. It is not the end of the world. *Try to convince my self hahaha. Lets try again! 2021. Health! Mentally and Physically. I start to care for myself even more. I do exercise on regular basis. I do walking, running, swimming, weight lifting, and badminton. They make me feel better. I guess it is because of the endorphin effects. I listen to podcasts a lot, every Sunday or Saturday, during workouts. Right now I am interested in Stoicism, Mindfulness, Everything about the brain, Breathwork, Fasting, Reverse aging. And of course everything about Blockchain and Investing. Yes, you can call me nerd, it is an honour. :D 2021. Books. I read quite a lot of books this year. I continue to read my unfinished books, purchased some more, and re-read couple of my fav books. The Alchemist is one of my favorite book that I read again. I read it the first time in 2012, and now I can read it from another perspective. I feel that Santiago resonates the same vibes with me. :)))). The other books are Psychology of Money, Meditation from Marcus Aurelius, Breath, Atomic Habbit, etc. Well, I some of them are on the progress. 2021. Farewell from a friend. A couple days ago, I got message that my friend passed away from breast cancer. It was a piece of shocking news in my community. Everyone could not contain themself to believe this news. She was a very good person, humble, kind-hearted. I remember she posted a greeting for my birthday on Facebook, but I did not reply. I feel so bad. I attended her requiem mass. I was glad to hear that She was ‘okay’ when She died. She even smile in her coffin. Thanks God, She does not have no suffer more. She was one of the first person I know when arrived at Tembagapura. Thank you Kak Gaby! 2022. Resolution?
  • Lets make it to 2023. Dont die on 2022.
  • Continue reaching your goals :D
  • Live my life!
  • Manage my wealth.
  • Less typo :D
I purchase a tree this morning. Randomly. I dont really know the name of this tree. Seems like bamboo or grass family. Pardon my biology.
Will you survive ?

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  1. It seems 2021 had been a total chaos, but looking at the pieces you have done there, you had shown us to make the best out of it. These pieces are just making you stronger as a person even more. Proud to be your friend! :)

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