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Another gathering of my choir. This year is 10th anniversary of my choir so we celebrate it more merrier . We had outing, concert, sarasehan, and mass several months ago.

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out

After finishing our sunday service at Vatican Embassy, we went to Pondok Indah, home of one CVJ member. She a rich lady yet very generous. She prepared her home for our venue. Different from previous gathering, this one is more relax, we just had lunch together and delivered a game.

The game was quite challenging, we were separated in to five groups. Each group had to vote their own leader and take one task from  committee. We were given bunch of straws. The objection is to build a ‘thing’ based on our leader selection. My group had to build a bridge. 

I led the team to achieve our goal. I gave them some briefing what to do. We started with connected the two straws to make the bridge floor. The bridge pole was very exhausting part to erect. We need a strong and flexible straw. The other team has their own mission, tower, airplane, and ship. It was really hilarious when the leader perform the presentation of their idea.

Our simple “Victoria Bridge”
The Tower

The last thing and the best part was photoshoot, at least for me. Haha. This home is really photogenic. Every corner is suitable to take a good angle. How about lighting? Perfecto! since it was before afternoon so there was enough sunlight.

I satisfied of my picture result. I got more experience to take a event and indoor photo. Please check the other photos here.

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