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english! yap, english. from now, i will try to write my thought in english. hehe.. why do i suddenly say this thing?

yap, as you know – if you know me well :) – one of my weakness point is in language. even for local language i can not understand. i am sort of person who is so lazy to learn local’s. i have lived in three different cities, but i still can not say a  sentence in makassar/bugis or sunda properly except my hometown’s. hehe..

how about english? hmm..  poor. it is appeard when i have an interview session.

say the words in regular vocab, no ‘sophisticated’ idioms, easy listening but hard to understanding :)) . i hate it when a good idea pops in my head, but i cant explain it well.

i have a friend. she always push me to learn english more. one day, i told her that some day i want take higher degree. than she asked me, ” what’s your toefl score? “. then i said , “bla..bla..bla.. ” – censored – . and you know what? she suddenly scream in the middle of town, eh i mean resto.  ” do not even think about take higher degree with that score, tomorrow you start to learn english again, and take the toefl test. you should get about 600 point. ” oh my gosh!. she made me embarassed. like a mom talk to her little child.

then i realized, all the time i feel good with my english ability, think that i’m okay with that. but its wrong.

yah, there is always a starting point to learn. there are so many ways. start to read more and more book in english, write some articles, whatching film without subs – yeah, it will take twice or three times than normal duration, spend the time to push pause and backward  :) -. but, break a leg. lets do it.

there is another reason beside my academic things. i do love travelling. hope someday i can go around the world. so fluency in english will help me.

St. Augustine’s quote, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

*ps : dear grammar police, please take your time while reading my writings. and don’t be  too harsh.. haha..


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  1. I think your english is fine Nate. For me i try to memorize basic grammars and stick to them. Apparently turned out well. :)

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