Covid-19 Day 85 : Life as an Introvert



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Introvert, such a negative word that introverted person try to avoid. Yes, being introvert is not that easy, I could say its hard. It affects your career, relationship, school, etc. It was always hurting when people ask you “why are you so quite?”. That’s the ultimate question to doom your introverted friend. Haha. As I write in this post long time ago, I used to try become more extrovert and deny what I was. But later on, I try to know my self better and accept everything. By accepting doesn’t mean that all the problem is gone, but at least it makes me calmer. Introvert is not something that need to be fix or something to be acknowledge as a weakness. Everybody is different and it makes the community become more powerful. Watching this video and read all of the comments, makes me smile and sad in the same time. Hang in there guys, you are not alone. :D

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