Covid-19 Day 84 : New Community



Photographer, content designer and trader

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I spend the whole day with the course. I manage to finish the Blitcoin 101 and Ethereum 101. I love this course, its very easy to understand. Maybe some people find it too shallow, but no problem, they provide lot of references to broaden our knowledge.

In this course, there is a forum that people can interact each other. Lot of topic being published. There is homework and forum for each chapter. We can see the understanding from other point of view. I try to check the background of some people in the forum. I was expecting that all of them must be from Computer Science or IT world, but I am wrong. They are coming from very vary field. There is a teacher, a building constructor, a bartender, a mom, architect, e.t.c . In their bio, they explain why they are joining this course. The reasons also vary, from trading until want to be a developer. It makes me even interested in this field. Lot of people put more attention. Anyway, beside the Blockchain courses, I still need to finish my assignment from office, Course about Python and Database. Hopefully I can finish this week before going back to work.

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