Covid-19 Day 83 : Learning Blockchain



Photographer, content designer and trader

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Today I start to learn more about blockchain as the basic of cryptocurrency. I join the academy that provided by Ivan from Sweden. It is a membership platform that we need to pay, but I take the free trial for 7 days. I have complete some chapters and take notes. This academy is really fun, the way he explain is really easy. Well I have not compared with other courses. From my point of view, I can understand what he try do deliver. Its like a tutorial in the school. I decide to learn more about blockchain because I dont have a strong understanding about this industry, where I have been investing for couple of years. When people or friend of mine ask me, what is bitcoin or blockchain, I will be very proud to explain to them. Not like before, I just say that its the new ‘money’. Hahaha. Other reason is to broaden my skill. This field of industry is new to the world, and it will change how the traditional technology working. I see a lot of opportunity, either as developer or as investor. By knowing this filed better, it will gives more sense of safety to investor. Old saying say that invest in the field or product that you know or understand well. So, let see, what will happen in the future. Keep fighting!

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