Covid-19 Day 82 : I miss being in the wilderness



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After watching this video, I miss being in the nature so bad.

This guy has a amazing youtube channel, the content is mostly about hiking. I have been subscribed his channel long time ago. Kraig Adams. The quality of the video is really good. The scenery that he shoot combined with the background music, can make us feel the same experience.

In 2017, I went for hiking as well in Sweden. The total distance was about 120 km that I overcome in 6 days. It was really an unforgettable experience. The adrenaline and the joy is mixing at the same time during the walk. I remember that I have to cross a river that flooding at that time. The water was really cold, freezing my foot. So, I had to take out my shoes and shocks and then put it back later. And there was not only one river, but many. Another challenge was the rain. At that moment I was lucky because my office gave us a really good jacket that suitable for hiking. If I got wet by the rain, it would be a problem because can get me hipotermia. Mosquito! It was late summer and mosquito was every where. Different with Indonesia, the size of this insect was really big. However they fly really slow. Fortunately I brought ‘autan’ from Indonesia that effective as repellent.
I want to do that again! I have some choices to go
  • Himalayan (Nepal, Bhutan, North India, or Pakistan). I have friends in Pakistan and India, they ask me to visit them and maybe go for hiking together.
  • Alpen (Italy/Austria/Swiss). I have been in Dolomity Italy, but I was joining the tour not for hiking. I have watched some video by many hikers and this is doable for anyone.
  • Camino de Compostella (France-Spain-Portugal). This is a long journey, pilgrimage, can take about 30 days. Before I die, I have to do this.
  • New Zealand. My Swedish boss encourage me to try the track in NZ. There are plenty of hiking track in there.
Hopefully I can get financial freedom soon, so I can full fill my dream!!! :D

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