Covid-19 Day 80 : Productive Day



Photographer, content designer and trader

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It is really productive today. Workout in the morning and then continue with actual work. I manage to solve my problem in the project, that I can apply later in the implementation on the site. No social media during the day. #proud
A group of bikers in Sudirman Station
In the afternoon, I go out for walk. It is really busy in the street. Seems offices already open this week. I take a quick pace to avoid people staring at me :D . Not so good news is the bitcoin price. I was really happy yesterday that price surge to 10K, 5 digits! But in the morning today, plummeting back to 9.5 K, same price like couple days before. I hope it can break it strong resistance at 10.500 price.
Watching youtube about food, ended upwith this

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