Covid-19 Day 76 : Do the chores



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I have been procrastinated many things since back from site. I always promise my self that i will do it tomorrow, but it ends up still an open task. Maybe because I am not working for this week because the furlough, so I want to enjoy my free time.

This morning I make up decision to take some task. I start with meditation which has been hiatus for long time, its time to get my track back to mindfulness. After that doing a short work out. After taking bath, I continue my course about Microsoft Azure. My boss secretary from Singapore always remind me to update her about my progress. To day I finish all the chapter. Will I get the certification test? Next week my sister will wive birth to her second child, so I helped her to buy some stuff from tokopedia and shopee. All the goods has been received, time to send the package to Papua. I go to J&T agent near my house, takes about 10 minutes walking. However, they can not deliver the package this time to Papua since the corona virus issue, all the delivery has been halted. I decide to go to Tiki, but they are closed. So I call my sister and tell her the condition. But she has an idea to send it via cargo. She sent me the contact person and I send him a message. Fortunately they can send the package next week. The tariff is not that expensive compared to J&T. For 2KG, I have to pay IDR 340K in J&T, but this cargo charge me only IDR 140K. Good deal. However, the cargo poll is in West Jakarta so I need to send it via gojek. Done! After that I buy lunch nearby my home. I love their cooking, fresh and delicious. My favorite is Ayam Goreng lengkuas and Nasi Goreng. In the afternoon, I decide to go out for walk. I take the same route as usual. The sky is little bit dark, gloomy, but thats good because no need to worry about the heat from the sun. Haha. I am so happy to see that many people doing the same thing, workout. It is different this afternon, usually it was less crowded. Probably because today is weekend.
Sudirman Street
Surdiman Station
Dukuh Atas
In the night I watching youtube about bitcoin and home design. Hopefully bitcoin this year will be super bullish, go to the moon, so I can buy my own house or apartment and decorate it as I want. Aminnn yaolohhh. Now, time to play PUGB before bed. See you.

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