Covid-19 Day 75 : Bullying



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One of my favorite youtube channel during this WFH is Asian Boss. Their channel is focusing in the social issue and cultural trends in Asia. Since the owner is from Korea, most of the video is about Korea. However they also cover some issue from other country, like Japan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, India, etc. They try to broaden their coverage, by recruiting more volunteer from other country. Actually when they celebrate the 1M subscriber, they invited the contributor from Indonesia. I have registered, but still dont get any reply haha..
Anyway, I just watched on of their video about bullying. One of the most chronic issue in society. Not only in Korea but also in every country in the world. This issue even always being the topic in the film making. I have experience with bullying, not as a victim but as a bystander. When I was in the elementary school, I had a friend, a girl in the class. She had a big posture and dark skin. She is not that pretty and not that smart. With that properties, she always got bullied by our friend. As usual, there is always a bad boy in the class and his gank. The worst thing is our teacher also did not take any action and sometimes she made her ashamed because she can not answer the question. Called her ‘buffalo”. Now , i think its really bad. This girl sitting in the back row. She had few closed friend. I am not that close but I knew her. I did not give her bad attitude, just like I treated other friend.
However when she got bullied, I did dont do anything. I just smile and somehow enjoy the ‘show’. I know its really bad, but at that time I think it is normal. I did not think that she get hurt or she just act over when she cried. Yah, she cried a lot. One day, she cried in the class, she took a scissors and try to cut her wrist. ” I will kill my self with this scissors” At that time, no one was terrified instead burst of laughing. We did not expect that and think that it is a joke. Moreover she would not brave enough to kill herself. When we have reunion, we still talk about that as a joke. We enjoy to laugh about that. It was when we were in the highschool or university. But now, I feel different. After watching some documentary or campaign about bullying, I feel really bad. Even though I did not join to bully her, but I also did not try to stopped them. I was just a bystander who enjoy the bullying. Its a sin as well. I cant imagine how can she handled it by herself. I did not know if she told her mother, but as long as I remember, her mother did not complain to school. What if she really tried to kill herself in the home? How hurt is her? I have loose contacted with her since graduated from elementary shcool. We went to different school. I find out in the facebook that she got married couple years ago. I hope that she is fine with her family. I know that the trauma can be hard to erase. Someday, I want to apologize to her, for doing nothing at that time. And hopefully this bullying is not happening again in the future.

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