Covid-19 Day 74 : Imprint in your mind



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Have you ever experienced when you see something from another point of view. Actually the meaning of that particular thing is just nothing or just as it is. But at one moment you see it, or hear it, or someone tells you the other meaning of it, you will never see it as it is forever. Usually it becomes dirty mind. :D

So, today, as usual I go to other floor to take my Yakult for regular consumption every night. I open the refrigerator and find a new bottle filled with juice, the yellow one. I read the label but not sure what is written there because I don’t wear my glasses. Try to bent down and suddenly I burst out laughing. For real, they named their brand with this??
better not to google it :D
May be its just me that having those kind of mind. It brings me back to my past, with my partner in crime. This bastard, now that word will be in my head forever. Probably if I send this picture to him, he will laughing in the floor, and hopefully his wife does not find out. Hahahaha… Anyway, I post this picture on twitter and got reply from my friend. Seems she just ask about the taste of the juice, innocent. Of course nate! what are you thinking!! Please don’t reply even further.
“Sureeeee !” :))))

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