Covid-19 Day 72 : New Normal



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New Normal is the hot topic right now. Government start to relaxing some rules about PSBB/lock down. The action taken to help the economy survive. They have arrange some protocol how to live our live in the new normal. Lot of people complaints about this, their argument is it is too soon, where the curve of covid-19 still rising, or even not reach the peak in this first wave.
It is really normal that people complain, they are afraid that the spreading of the virus will be ever faster and massive. But In my opinion, every option that available for government has its own risk. From health and economic side. Government try to balance both of them. If government take long time to save the economic, eventually people will complain too why our country suffer for long time, recession, after the corona virus can be handle. We have experience work from home or PSBB for quite long time. In my opinion its not merely to stop the spreading, but we were pushed to adapt with this new condition. We have to take time and learn how to handle our daily activity with new way. So if we are not ready, they we will ‘die’. There is no way to vanish this corona in one night. Thats why we have to ‘live’ along side with corona. Those 3 month wfh should have gave us awareness. Its about survive. Let say, If the malls opens, the management should already prepare the protocol about the sanitation, the amount of customer per day, etc. For customer side, we should already prepare our mask, handsanitizer, distancing. So we wont wait until corona virus dissappear and go out for our daily activity.
Who follow the rules, they will survive.

From this illustration, we can see that flattening the curve by reduce the activity can harm the economics. Anyway, this afternoon, I go out for walk, the same route. I meet lot of people doing exercise, either just walk or running. Some take bicyle. The street start to be crowded by the cars. Its pleasing to see that.

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