Covid-19 Day 71 : Special treatment



Photographer, content designer and trader

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Just before leaving site two days ago, I informed my landlord that I will be back soon. I sent him some documents as well to prove that I am healthy. He replied me that okay, I can go back. He asked the maid to clean may rome before I arrive and informed me that my room will not be tidied up for a week. Since I arrived, the maids always try to avoid me or when they see me, they take their masker and put it on. It is really awkward. Haha. My landlord really take it seriously. even my corridor get sprayed regularly with disinfectant. Well, I guess its a good thing, I just need to be more adaptable that I am ODP. Hehe. This afternoon I go to KFC and buy a bucket of fried chicken. Mukbang!! I have carved for this since the last quarantine in Surabaya.

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