Covid-19 Day 69 : Onsite-Time To Say Goodbye



Photographer, content designer and trader

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Eventhough today is the departing day, I wake up earlier. I go to the security track for cycling. I guess this route is the best view compare to other route.
I am lucky because I take the perfect time. There are some other employer taking bike to work, but they use the route via the lake. I can take their picture form a far.
And the most beautiful part is the sunrise. I think this is one of the best sunrise I ever saw. I try to take picture but suspecting directly i way more beautiful than the picture and video.
In the afternoon, we start to hit the road, leave the site. Its like being released from the prison. Hahah. We have prepared our documents related to the permit. We have to stop in some place for checking, but everything is going well. In cikarang we are stopped by Police to check the document, and they say after 25 of May, this kind of documents is not sufficient, we have to apply in this site. At 11PM I arrive in my home safe and sound.

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