Covid-19 Day 66 : Onsite-10 Blloc



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Last month I registered to a company that developing a new launcher for Android. The launcher is called Blloc Ratio. I was captivated by the concept they offered. Suitable for people who like clean display and minimalist. This launcher make your phone become black and white. Actually they have their own phone, but seems not so many people bought that phone. The origin of this company is in Germany.
This morning I check my email and got the notification that my request has been granted. Lot of people registered for the invitation and have to wait many weeks. After work I download the software and directly install it to my phone. It does not require to root the phone. I read a lot of people complain that their phone is not supported eventhough they get the invitation. However, its just working in my phone like magic. My phone is One Plus 6, very old one. In their website, OnePlus 7 is the oldest series that supported.

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