Covid-19 Day 64 : Onsite-8 Cemetery



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I skip biking today, because I want to enjoy my longer sleep. At work, as usually, not many thing to do. I just watch a short movie about a son visiting his mother graveyard. Suddenly it reminds me the old day in high school.

When I was in the high school, normally our class finish after 4pm. I went home with my friends. Sometimes I did not heading home directly, instead went to internet cafe or mall with them. I hate being home earlier because I felt lonely. But there was an odd thing that we did that time. Instead of went to internet cafe, we went to cemetery. My group consist of Me, Rio, Carla, and Rezky. Me and Rio on the same class, Carla and Rezky are our senior. Normally we had to change bus once to get home. At that time I proposed to take walk and then later take the bus. We pass a cemetary. It was not that spooky because it was located just near the main road. There was a peddlers sellingvarious kind of food there. Our favorite is ‘Es Campur’ What did we do in the cemetery? We check all the grave stone, check the name and the date of birth/death. Anyway, It was a christian cemetery so the name is familiar with ours. The purpose was to find the name or date that same with ours. Thats all. It was fun at that time, but now, after thinking about that, seems it is really weird. Hahaha. Fortunately, we never experienced some kind of scary moment or meet the ghost that following us to home. Hope so…

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