Covid-19 Day 63 : Onsite-7 New Route



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Its a cycling day! In the morning, I manage to wake up earlier and take the bicycle to the lake. I make about 4 round before going back to my room. Its Sunday but we still need to go to work.
In the afternoon, we finish our work earlier. Usually we finish at 4.30 but today we go back at 3.00. Its a perfect time for another ride. This time I take other route. It the track for security patrol. The road is not paved by asphalt but gravel. I underestimate the gravel, Its quite difficult to keep balance. But after a while I manage to adjust my balance.
The road is following the border between oil site and the outer world. Most of the view is grass field and rice field. I see some farmers at some spot. I stop to check what they are doing. Its a rare view that you can get in Jakarta. Haha.. Actually I ma little bit worry because there is no other biker in the road. Is it allowed to bike this route? If I cross the rule, then probably I can get blacklisted in this site. Not a nice impression. When I arrived in the bike park lot, all of the bike has been taken. Seems everyone need refreshing before iftar. Oh, how I miss Jakarta….

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