Covid-19 Day 61 : Onsite-5 Cycling



Photographer, content designer and trader

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This morning I manage to bike to the lake near my accommodation. It takes only view minutes. I am amazed with the vast size of the lake. It is vast!

The lake was made to supply the water to the oil field and facility, especially for the emergency. The area is savana with high temperature. It is difficult to sustain a huge amount of water. I see that this lake is man made, there is plastic to cover the surface of the bank, to prevent the water. There is lot of bird over there, mostly Pelican. I take two rounds with total distance about 7.2 KM. In the night I end up being mutual fund ‘sales’. Haha. My friend ask me for help to explain the mutual fund. She is confused with all of the products, which one is better regarding her risk profile. I am happy to help!

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