Covid-19 Day 60 : Onsite-4



Photographer, content designer and trader

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Finally today is the 60th day since the WFH, eventhough I am working on site right now. This morning I try to ride the bicycle, go around the facility. Tomorrow morning I plan to visit the ‘lake’ near my accommodation. Things are running well with working related, but still no clear schedule when will I back to Jakarta. Actually I am getting used to this place now and following the rhythm. About market, Its not a good day. IHSG suffer quite a lot, especially the big caps, banking. My $BBNI getting ever lower. Hahaha. In contrary, bitcoin performing extraordinary. The price try to hit the strong resistance at $10K. Some of crypto geek said that we will hit that resistance in the near future. Lot of theory in the youtube try to support that optimism. Cant wait what will happen in end of 2021. Will it bring me to my dream? smirk

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