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Hiking To Cartenz

Last Sunday was not a good day for hike, but we made it anyway. The trip was planned two months ago before my vacation. I went with my boss and friends from church. On that rainy morning, we decided to keep moving, hoping that after several hours the weather will be okay.

We started our journey from Tembagapura to Grasberg by car. Since only one driver has license to drive thru the Heat Road, four of us should take instead. Tram is not that bad, it was fun, we can see the beautiful scenery from the high.

We reached the tram station at Grasberg aroud 6.30Am. The sky keep pouring water to the mountain. We changed the plan, we went to Cartenz Basecamp instead of Idenburg. Actually I have been at the trail to the basecamp last year, but its okay because it was too dangerous to hike to Idenburg because we the slippery road (actually it is slippery rocks). After driving about 15 minutes, we get the starting point at Zebra Wall. The rain stopped and the sky was clearer.

We passed the swamp easily, last year we have to take another route to avoid this deep swamp. Our first pos is the Blue Lake. There are three chained lake before Pintu angin. The last one is Blue Lake. We can erect the tent if we want to spend the night or just cook some light meal. My friend brought his drone to this trip, it was cool to see the video. :D

After spend our meal on blue lake, we continue to the basecamp. The track is easy but quite steep. Another challenge is the wind and the lack of oxygen. It made me really dizzy. We had to stop several time to get used with the altitude. On the way to the basecamp, we had to pass another four lakes. It was misty so we could not see the beautiful cliff on the other side. We reach the basecamp at 10 am. Read more


ah, my last post was three months ago..

Where have I been? I’m still here, in-the-middle-of-no-where, Tembagapura. In the last three months, I really enjoy my life as traveller. On may I had a vacation to South Korea, with two friends. I have not made a post about it, too busy arranging the next itinerary :D. I will launch it soon!. And on may I went to Bali with my sister and my cousin.

IMG_3270 (Large)

About works? hmm.. I think I made a progress that my mentor trust me to continue his project. Well, its not that complicated, but still a great chance to improve my skill. I hope I can explore more. Its depends on the freeport timeline that always delayed -.-

One thing that I really enjoy about this place, as I told before, the scenery! I can go hike with my friends every Sunday, if the weather is good. I have a list of place that I want to explore with my camera. Read more

Mount Rinjani

#sembalun #summit #hypotermia #sunset #sunrise

Those are our main topic for three days in Lombok. Yes, we were at Mount Rinjani!


Two weeks ago, my friend posted on whatsapp group about travelling to Lombok and conquer the legendary Rinjani. “It is my call”. Without hesitation I contacted my friend and promise him if my schedule fit with his plan, I will join. And then, It turned okay.

*for more photo, please visit

Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.

I went to Lombok alone at Tuesday afternoon. I booked a flight at Batik Air, unfortunately the departure was from Halim Airport. That was my first time to visit this place. The airport is really small compare to Soetta Airport. I love Batik Air, I get Garuda taste with cheaper price. I also can use my earphone to watch the movie.

I met Mail and Rhey at Lombok Airport two hours later, they took the latest flight. In one our our driver came to pick us up. He is really generous, he gave us a free of charge to spend the night at his home. Actually, our plan was to sleep at airport, but he explained that it was a terrible idea. And thats true, no one stayed at airport. Eventhough I still can sleep well until sunrise. Read more

Fun Gathering

Another gathering of my choir. This year is 10th anniversary of my choir so we celebrate it more merrier . We had outing, concert, sarasehan, and mass several months ago.

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out

After finishing our sunday service at Vatican Embassy, we went to Pondok Indah, home of one CVJ member. She a rich lady yet very generous. She prepared her home for our venue. Different from previous gathering, this one is more relax, we just had lunch together and delivered a game.

The game was quite challenging, we were separated in to five groups. Each group had to vote their own leader and take one task from  committee. We were given bunch of straws. The objection is to build a ‘thing’ based on our leader selection. My group had to build a bridge.  Read more

Norwegian Wood

Once upon a time, I went to Kinokuniya my my office mate after having our lunch. I wanted to take a look some book about project management. I realized I lack of knowledge about project management. Unfortunately, the price is unbelievable. My friend told me that he has some ebook in his storage and promised to send me later.

“Hei, I know this book” I took a book from the shelve. Norwegian Book, by Haruki Murakami. It brought me to a posting that my friend casting on his path ‘reading Norwegian Wood’ and some dirty comment about it. haha. But I knew this guy, he wont read any crap book. So I considered that it was a really good book.

“I have read that book” my friend told me.

“How was it? Do you recommend this book to me? You know lah my genre.”

“Hmm.. well it is a good book, but not a really good book. Eventually I talk to my self “Why am I reading this book? “

“So?” Read more

Sunda Kelapa Harbour

Let’s visit another ‘beauty’ of Jakarta.

On that very hot day, I decided to visit Sunda Kelapa. Actually I have been there but only for view minutes, since it was only me, no one else who looked like a tourist. I guess I came in the wrong time. So, to accomplish my mission capturing those big traditional ship, instead of in the middle of the day, I went in the afternoon. People said that the proper time to visit is morning or afternoon. Yes, it is a golden our for photographing.

Sunda Kelapa

I spent several hours in Starbucks Stasiun Kota, reading my book until 4.15pm. I love the interior but not that noisy ambience. There was a briefing for newbie barista that will be deployed soon to Starbucks shop in Jakarta. The trainer was talking quite loud so I can overhear what he/she is talking about. One thing that ring the bell is “we should always welcoming everyone, even he is a swpeeper, satpam, milkman. Always say “Selamat Datang'”.

Time to continue my random trip. Sunda Kelapa harbour is not that far from Kota Tua. (You can get Kota Tua by Trans Jakarta, line Blok M – Kota). Just go straight via Cengkeh street and then take the right tun on the end. No need to pay for entrance. I asked for permission to the satpam just to make sure whether we are allowed to enter the site since there are big screen explain that we need self protection equipment before entering. But, he gave me an OK.

Stranded ship

Sunda Kelapa harbour is old harbour in Jakarta even in Indonesia. You can find the history of this harbour here. It was established on 12th century and become the main trade center for Sunda Kingdom.

It was so dusty because of the big trucks pass by every time, so please bring your own mask. There are several crew man loading their goods into the ship. Some of modern crane help them to perform this job, it will save time. Going further more, while I was taking picture, there is a man from a small boat yelled at me.

“Come..come.. I will give you a tour around this place”

“How much is it?”

“Hmm.. only 50 K”

It was really expensive comparing the information I got from review in internet.

“I’ll give you 30K” I tried to bargain.


Couples minute later I already sit nicely on the shaking boat, holding my camera tightly. Haha. We need to make a slight move he and there between those big ship. I insisted to make a chit chat with the man, but he just smile and smile. The only information I got was he came from Bugis. Hahaha.

During the tour, I could observe their living-on-the-boat routine. They bath, cook, washing, etc on their boat. I wondered how can they get a fresh water? Some of them just relaxing on the deck, chatting with their neighbour. In the other side, the land part, there are abundant of ‘small house’ that not really hygienics. It should be a really hard life.

hey neighbour!

The more we entered the open sea, the wave was getting bigger. My driver make a turn we went back to our port. It was even harder to get off from the boat. Haha.

I also visited Museum Bahari, unfortunately it was closed already. So I just took some picture from outside. Before going back, I had my beer at Bangi Kopitiam Kota Tua. They have a vintage decoration. Aside the Bangi, there are two other restaurant with different menu and interior. I just realized that Kota Tua is tidying up right now. Restoration is held for the abandoned old building. Lets see how it can be look like several years later.

Please visit this page for other photos.

Shaky boat

school kids


Inferno is coming!

A new novel of Dan Brown was revealed. Dan Brown make an ‘quest’ to unveil his novel title. The quest is done by post it on twitter. Unfortunately, I am late. The quest has been done.

Inferno is the answer. As we know, Inferno  is the first part of Dante Alighieri’s 14th-century epic poem Divine Comedy. It is followed by Purgatorio and Paradiso. It talks about Dante journey to the hell.

Brown said, the novel will be released in May 2013. Can not wait for the new journey of imagination. As his previous novel, The Davinci Code, Angel and Demon, The Lost Symbol, the main character still Robert Langdon. Robert is a Harvard professor of symbology.

“Although I studied Dante’s ‘Inferno’ as a student, it wasn’t until recently, while researching in Florence, that I came to appreciate the enduring influence of Dante’s work on the modern world,” Brown said in a statement. “With this new novel, I am excited to take readers on a journey deep into this mysterious realm…a landscape of codes, symbols, and more than a few secret passageways.”

The setting of the novel is in Florence, Italy. It’s kinda nostalgia, I have traveled there, and took a picture of Dante statue. *thankful, i got this picture.


And this is the Duomo, very big cathedral. My cheap camera could not cover it all. Unfortunately, I can not enter to see the interior, even the baptist building, the queue was very long. So curious, what will happen in this Duomo in Inferno novel.  Read more

Sundries of Trans Jakarta (3)

Couple days ago, there was a new ambience in Trans Jakarta. It because of new armada delivered from China . Some ‘fancy’ bus start to operate in corridor I that connect Kota and Blok M. Since the first launching, however, still on ‘testing’ state, i have tried the bus several time. It is good to see the improvement on our transportation services.

Modern looking design. There are some enhancement of this bus from its predecessor. The bus has two parts that chained by elastic metal so it can accomodate more people. The body is slimmer. It’s construction looks very firm, at least at my first sight. As we know, the old bus has very noisy sound when pass the rough street. There are more pole inside the bus, so the passenger can hold it. About the door, the hydraulic system is placed above the door and covered by the ceiling part. It is more safe than be placed below the passenger seat. There is an alarm when the door is closing or opening. And the green button for emergency door.

The bus also equipped with camera to record the activity inside. I do not know whether it is already work or just a ‘decoration’. Some electronic panels can be found in this armada. It indicate the destination an also the air temperature. We can say, it is smarter than its old-brother. :D Read more


english! yap, english. from now, i will try to write my thought in english. hehe.. why do i suddenly say this thing?

yap, as you know – if you know me well :) – one of my weakness point is in language. even for local language i can not understand. i am sort of person who is so lazy to learn local’s. i have lived in three different cities, but i still can not say a  sentence in makassar/bugis or sunda properly except my hometown’s. hehe..

how about english? hmm..  poor. it is appeard when i have an interview session.

say the words in regular vocab, no ‘sophisticated’ idioms, easy listening but hard to understanding :)) . i hate it when a good idea pops in my head, but i cant explain it well.

i have a friend. she always push me to learn english more. one day, i told her that some day i want take higher degree. than she asked me, ” what’s your toefl score? “. then i said , “bla..bla..bla.. ” – censored – . and you know what? she suddenly scream in the middle of town, eh i mean resto.  ” do not even think about take higher degree with that score, tomorrow you start to learn english again, and take the toefl test. you should get about 600 point. ” oh my gosh!. she made me embarassed. like a mom talk to her little child.

then i realized, all the time i feel good with my english ability, think that i’m okay with that. but its wrong.

yah, there is always a starting point to learn. there are so many ways. start to read more and more book in english, write some articles, whatching film without subs – yeah, it will take twice or three times than normal duration, spend the time to push pause and backward  :) -. but, break a leg. lets do it.

there is another reason beside my academic things. i do love travelling. hope someday i can go around the world. so fluency in english will help me.

St. Augustine’s quote, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

*ps : dear grammar police, please take your time while reading my writings. and don’t be  too harsh.. haha..


How to Generate Memory Initiation Using Matlab

I want to share some trick how to write mif memory (memory initiation in Altera ) from using MATLAB. If you are working on image compression (DCT)  project now, you will need to extract image coefficients into memory. As we know, DCT need three coefficient from an image (JPEG) to be processed. They are Y Cr and Cb ( Luminace Red-Chromium and Blue-Chromium).  JPEG has a standard as known as RGB ( Red Green Blue).  To convert RGB into YCrCb, we can use scrip below ( in MATLAB ) :

%Read file into a matrix
array_input_rgb = imread(‘blue.jpg’);

%Reads file info
array_info = imfinfo(‘blue.jpg’);

% Colour conversion from RGB to YCbCr

Read more

L-Edit Tanner Tools

For IC Analog designer, this software is not odd anymore. L-Edit is one of powerful software to layout your design. Its very simple to use, it is like you drawing a picture in paint.

But there is a problem if you want to use this software ( i use Tanner Tool V14), it require a license from the company (Tanner Inc). So you have to buy the software. For a undergraduate student, the price is so expensive. So i try to find some information to crack this software. After doing some searching, i find the crack for Tanner Tool v14. I have uploaded the crack here.





Read more

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