Hiking To Cartenz

Last Sunday was not a good day for hike, but we made it anyway. The trip was planned two months ago before my vacation. I went with my boss and friends from church. On that rainy morning, we decided to keep moving, hoping that after several hours the weather will be okay. We started our […]


ah, my last post was three months ago.. Where have I been? I’m still here, in-the-middle-of-no-where, Tembagapura. In the last three months, I really enjoy my life as traveller. On may I had a vacation to South Korea, with two friends. I have not made a post about it, too busy arranging the next itinerary […]

Mount Rinjani

#sembalun #summit #hypotermia #sunset #sunrise Those are our main topic for three days in Lombok. Yes, we were at Mount Rinjani! Two weeks ago, my friend posted on whatsapp group about travelling to Lombok and conquer the legendary Rinjani. “It is my call”. Without hesitation I contacted my friend and promise him if my schedule […]

Fun Gathering

Another gathering of my choir. This year is 10th anniversary of my choir so we celebrate it more merrier . We had outing, concert, sarasehan, and mass several months ago. A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out After finishing our sunday service at Vatican Embassy, we went […]

Norwegian Wood

Once upon a time, I went to Kinokuniya my my office mate after having our lunch. I wanted to take a look some book about project management. I realized I lack of knowledge about project management. Unfortunately, the price is unbelievable. My friend told me that he has some ebook in his storage and promised […]

Sunda Kelapa Harbour

Let’s visit another ‘beauty’ of Jakarta. On that very hot day, I decided to visit Sunda Kelapa. Actually I have been there but only for view minutes, since it was only me, no one else who looked like a tourist. I guess I came in the wrong time. So, to accomplish my mission capturing those big […]


Inferno is coming! A new novel of Dan Brown was revealed. Dan Brown make an ‘quest’ to unveil his novel title. The quest is done by post it on twitter. Unfortunately, I am late. The quest has been done. Inferno is the answer. As we know, Inferno  is the first part of Dante Alighieri’s 14th-century epic poem Divine […]

Sundries of Trans Jakarta (3)

Couple days ago, there was a new ambience in Trans Jakarta. It because of new armada delivered from China . Some ‘fancy’ bus start to operate in corridor I that connect Kota and Blok M. Since the first launching, however, still on ‘testing’ state, i have tried the bus several time. It is good to […]


english! yap, english. from now, i will try to write my thought in english. hehe.. why do i suddenly say this thing? yap, as you know – if you know me well :) – one of my weakness point is in language. even for local language i can not understand. i am sort of person […]

How to Generate Memory Initiation Using Matlab

I want to share some trick how to write mif memory (memory initiation in Altera ) from using MATLAB. If you are working on image compression (DCT)  project now, you will need to extract image coefficients into memory. As we know, DCT need three coefficient from an image (JPEG) to be processed. They are Y […]

L-Edit Tanner Tools

For IC Analog designer, this software is not odd anymore. L-Edit is one of powerful software to layout your design. Its very simple to use, it is like you drawing a picture in paint. But there is a problem if you want to use this software ( i use Tanner Tool V14), it require a […]