Weekdays Get AwayI

I spent my last two days in Bandung visiting may campus and my friend? Why? Because I was bored. 

Instead of using travel agent, I went by train. I am one of train fan. Travelling by train is more relaxing and gives me a ‘true’ travelling feeling. I departed from Gambir station to Bandung station using Argo Parahyangan. A day before I purchased a cheap business class. Well, price will show the quality, it was not really comfortable with business class seat, too narrow for long journey.

I arrived at Bandung around 12.30pm and went directly to Panti Wiyataguna, a massage home which is run by government. It is near the Lapangan Padjajaran. I used to go there if I travel to Bandung.

An hour later I headed to my hotel, Vio Hotel. I was confused to find the location since the attached maps on the Hote Quickly is wrong. Gladly I did not use angkot or taxi, but Gojek. 

For the rest of the day, I went to campus and met my friend. Talking about works and his plan to extend his study that still on “planning progress”. (It has been 4 years bro). Haha. We visit PVJ, Ciwalk , and BEC.

I was surprised when we drop off in front of BEC. This electronic mall has been expanded to a super big mall. No wonder Blitz also interested to open its cinema here. Years ago, BEC is just a small mall that full of gadget shops. But now, it turns to quiet nice big mall.

On the next day, I moved to another hotel, Fave Hotel Braga. I was expecting a nice hotel with good view, but I ended up in a small room with no outside view. Budget hotel!. So, I decided to go outside, wandering along the Braga Street.

Since Pak Ridwan Kamil being a Major of Bandung, there has been a lot of improvement in this city, especially for urban planning. There are plenty of new cozy ‘park’ around the city. Braga Street also the main attention of him. Those old building has been renovated and transformed into a nice restaurant and shops. A plenty of vintage bench has been erected along the pedestrian. The location around KAA building is even nicer. I also visited the famous alun-alun with its imitate-green-grass :D. I had my dinner at Mie Naripan.

I dont have a destination to visit on the last day. I just sit on the bench in Braga street to enjoy the Bubur Ayam. I check out from hotel at 11am and then catch my train to Jakarta.

ITB Campus
KAA Conference Building
Alun-ALun Bandung
Taman Vanda
Inside Museum Geology

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