est. Dec, 2008

I am Nataniel, an engineer. If you a have a chance to meet me, you could end up depicts me in many ways. You can find me as an sporty boy who has swimming, running, hiking as his hobby. You also can meet me as an artsy man while taking picture with his camera hanging on his shoulder. A travel holic if you cross my journey path. Probably a classic man can describe me if you see me in the church or concert venue singing classical music in a choir. A geek if you talk to me about techy things. Or as a busy man with his calculation about his stocks and mutual fund. But an INFJ-er fits me very well.

“welcome to my silly life”

This blog belongs to Nataniel. someone who is looking for identity and become his true self. writings listed in this book may be just a notch, meaningless , but it will become a reminder of times that will not be repeated.