Sundries of Trans Jakarta (4)

It’s been such a long time‎ I didn’t post about busway. So, how is our busway doing? There are some improvement in its system since the new busway arrived.

First, because of the number of armada increasing, the queue seems not long as usual. It takes only few minutes to get the next bus. So, there is no chance to see my neighbour  BBM anymore :D.

The officer uniform is different everyday. Some day they use the regular orange/red shirt, Wednesday or Thursday they use Betawinese ( kopiah and sarung on their neck like a stola), and batik on Friday. It’s kinda funny when they use Betawinese.

There are some new officer that serve on the new bus. Of course I don’t recognize them one by one. I conclude it because sometimes when a passenger ask about their destination, some officers have to look their ‘book’ to see the guidance or map.

The last is the new payment mecanism. Last year, trans jakarta using a particular smart-card for payment called Jak-Card. Now, the same mecanism is implemented but using different card. The card is integrated with Bank system, let say Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI), Bank Mandiri, Bank Central Asia (BCA), Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) and Bank DKI. You can get one only 50K. If you want to top it up, just do regular step ( by ATM or EDC ). It is more effective I think. Fyi, I bought mine this afternoon :D, BCA one.


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