How To Talk?



“Nate! Seriously? ”

Yes, I am serious. I find this book in my friend blog, he gives a positive review for this book. After read his review, I know this book is for me. Haha. Another book in my reading list.

never ending reading list in my bookshelves

But Why?

As I wrote before, I am kind of INFJ person. INFJ is the rarest race in the world based on Myers-Briggs diversification. Less than one percent of world population. Should I proud of that? And you know, Introvert, how they acts in everyday life? hehe.

Anyway, I find it quite difficult to make a conversation with other people. I do hate if people starts to make a chit-chat. Sometime I think that what they are talking about is shallow and not necessary. I always end up my self lacking of thing to talk about. May be if you meet me for the first time, you will depict me as an ice-cold man. haha.

I have not finished read this book, but from my first impression, I would recommend this book for everyone. Especially for people who does a lot of meeting or conversation in their job, for example a marketing or a salesman in engaging a new client.


2 thoughts on “How To Talk?

  1. It sounds that this book is important indeed. IMO, we still need to have the ability to talk to anyone, be extrovert or introvert, because that is one way to get opportunities :)

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