Ex-Candidate IBM Apprenticeship 2nd Gen

Yeah, you should be confused with this title. But for us, four of us, it’s our joke. Why? then find it out.

“After that long asceticism , I come back to real life”

I spent my free time almost in Bandung and Tasikmalaya after my resignation from my previous job. Doing some voluntary works in a un-commercial organization and also a project in beautiful beach on south java, called Ciheras.

One day I got an invitation email about IBM Apprentice 2nd Gen recruitment process. I registered to this program several month before.  In the email, I was informed that there were two session for the first phase, presentation session and IPAT test. They said that the test would be held in Bandung, ITB Campus. Yap, that’s my lovely campus.

During the waiting, I tried to collect some information. Googling and asked to my friend about the test (IPAT test). I though it would be better I we prepared anything before we go to war-field. hehe. From the informations I gathered before, I knew that IPAT test is not the same with other psycho-test. It would be more difficult since it special-designed to select the best candidate for IBM employee. It has been proven for many years. I was not confident at that time. Could I do it?

And the the day has come.  I went to Albar ITB. The venue had been crowded with many candidate. They seemed so well-prepared. I also met some friends at registration-desk. There was an uncommon procession here, we had to take a picture at IBM photo-booth. It was little embarase stand in front of camera while there so may eye looking at you. moreover, the photographer is my friend from SIAWARE. “take it fast, please”. The first session in presentation from IBM HR and two member of apprentice gen1.

What a great moment, I could say. Mr Ivandeva who conducted the presentation give us so many ‘vision’ how to face our life. He talked about passion, that it is very important to work with our heart. He taught to be our self, that we are “asik’ in our way. I remember it when he asked one of participant to go up to the table. haha. *you will find it out. hehe. We also watched some inspiring video from great people who has limitation but can overcome it. This session ended with smile at everyone face.

After take a break, we continued to the next stage. Written test, IPAT. I won’t tell you the detail of this test, but trust me, you have to prepare your self how to read a diagram, conclude an information, fast-calculate, and of course prepare your brain. haha.. The test was conducting in english.

The result was announced at 7pm in the same day. Like the other test, the announcement always frustrating. When the crew went to the board to pin the result, everyone suddenly stand up and run to the board. Yes, my name was stated there, that mean pass to the next stage.

The next stage was conducted in ITB also several days later. Not in Albar but in Arsitektur galery. Since  I got the last number on the list, I had more time to sleep a night before and prepared my answers for common interview-question. Unfortunately, the interview was  become longer than we expected before. It’s about to dark when I met my interview-session winth Mr. Condro. The Interview was so relax, conducted both in Bahasa and English. We talked about my academic background, activity in campus, and my experience. I guess my session only about 30 minutes, which is the fastest one.

After the interview, life must go on. As a Jobseeker, I also joined some requirement-process in other company such as PHE, Telkomsel, and DSME. There was so many experience I got during that time. I met new friend, gathered some money for transport-compensation :D, go to Jakarta and back to Bandung in the same day, get lost in Jakarta, wore the same shirt for interview session, etc.

Several days later, the result of the second stage had been announced. Thank to God, I was invited to the next stage. The Presentation Session. At this stage, we had to make an presentation with limited slide, four slides. The were six/seven topic about IBM IT business. I choose the Data Center which is contains 130 something pages, compared to the others only 5-20 pages. I knew it would be difficult to resume so many data, but I get advantage on it because the topic was well-structured. I just had to get the main information from each sub topic. Oh, they gave us a week to make the presentation. They also attached a file about how to make a good presentation. It’s very helpful.

There still over 60 candidates for this stage. The test was held for a week. So the chance to win the test still insignificant. In my batch, I met candidate from another campus like UI, Binus, UPH, and Gunadarma. They were so ‘kocak’. Nice to meet you guys. :D. Nervous and frustrated were the ambience at that time. Going back to toilet again and again. Thank to kevin, dessy, keiska, and demi for the accompaniment and courage.

For the first interview, I met Mr. Taufan , from banking division he said. The scenario is he act as client and I as IBM representative. I gave presentation with confidence. Suddenly he cut my explanation and ask me some question. *hei, it should be after my presentation end. But he was my client at that time, he had the might. He asked some difficult question that test me to prove my idea. Huoo.. Tried to answer and keep smile, fake one of course. haha.. because I had to think harder. At the end he told me that it’s ok if i cant answer his question because I am not an IBMer already. hehe..

It was very please when I met other candidate again in pantry, our basecamp. haha.. We shared our experience. There was a full English conducted, ‘killer’ interviewer, generous client, etc. When we have done our best, we should wait the result in peace :). The result was announced several hours later. We invited into a room with big table. We sit around the table. Mr. Ivan then told us who will go home earlier. It was like an elimination moment in reality show. Four of us received a white envelope that mean being eliminated. So sad, but they will find a decent one. Just like Aden who in in Qatar now. I envy you haha..

The next stage was held after lunch. It used the same method than before, but with another person, who has higher position. I was interviewed by Mr. Wahyu. The awkward moment when he asked me ” I think we have met before”. Yap, I had an interview with him several months ago. What a ‘coincidence’. The presentation was conducted in full-English. He has more question about IBM than Mr. Taufan. After IBM-thing, he asked me about my product, why he has to buy it, what the advantage of mine compared to his. I told you, the key is how to convince your client with your limited information.

At 6pm, the test was finish. We had to go to our home. We will be informed whether we hired or no. During that time, I still continue my project in Ciheras. I was in the beachwhen my phone rang at 7pm. It was a sms from Dessy, she said that I could not be reached by phone. Panic. It was a good sign :). I replied and give her my other number. An hour later I was called and be told that I pass the  final test. So, I will join the apprentice? The story still continue.

The one who called offer me an opportunity. She asked me to choose the option : join the apprentice or directly hired. If I choose option one, I will join apprenticeship for four months and will be reviewed later.  If I choose option 2, I will become permanent employee of IBM directly. I had to decide at that moment. I choose the second option then. She said that I  will be interviewed [again] the day after in Jakarta. Since I still in Ciheras, I could not go to IBM office. It takes about 14 hours from Ciheras to Jakarta. So we agreed to make a phone-interview. In the morning, I decided to go to Bandung, thought I can be interviewed when I transit on tasikmalaya. Unfortunately, my phone can not be reached again. I apologized to IBM HR and asked for re-schedule at 6pm. She agreed. In my dorm in Bandung, I prepared my other phone, switched the simcard. At 6pm she called me, and connected me to Mr. Arif. When I was being interviewed, I thought Mr. Arif is a fun manager and ‘asik’. hehe.. And it is right. He was being my manager for my three-month probation test. He is replaced by Mr. Taufan :) , the one who interviewed me at the second stage.

Oh, i’m not the only one who is directly-hired. There are three others, Dio, Ferry and Teddy. We are ex-candidate ibm apprentice 2nd gen. :)

The Participant with IBM HR


The Participant with Mr Ivan

ps. sorry for mba sani, merry, dessy, demy for being the-most-wanted-unreachable-person. please blame my bb 9100 hehe..

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  1. heii..nice sharing..

    kebeteluan saya juga dapet panggilan untuk test..
    boleh minta info mengenai IPAT testnya?dan kebetulan juga inggris saya secara verbal kurang bagus,hehe

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