ah, my last post was three months ago..

Where have I been? I’m still here, in-the-middle-of-no-where, Tembagapura. In the last three months, I really enjoy my life as traveller. On may I had a vacation to South Korea, with two friends. I have not made a post about it, too busy arranging the next itinerary :D. I will launch it soon!. And on may I went to Bali with my sister and my cousin.

IMG_3270 (Large)

About works? hmm.. I think I made a progress that my mentor trust me to continue his project. Well, its not that complicated, but still a great chance to improve my skill. I hope I can explore more. Its depends on the freeport timeline that always delayed -.-

One thing that I really enjoy about this place, as I told before, the scenery! I can go hike with my friends every Sunday, if the weather is good. I have a list of place that I want to explore with my camera. Continue reading “Lyfe!”

Ketika rakyat ingin memilih pemimpinnya sendiri

Ahok, sebuah gebrakan yang luar biasa di kancah perpolitikan Indonesia. Gebrakan ini tentu saja tidak terjadi begitu saja, tapi dimulai ketika pemilihan umum untuk presiden periode 2014-2015 ketika Jokowi akhirnya memutuskan utuk maju sebagai calon presiden.

Sebelumnya, Ahok dan Jokowi tidak terlalu memliki popularitas yang tinggi ketika mereka mencalonkan diri menjadi orang nomor satu dan dua di Jakarta. Entah bagaimana mereka bisa memenangi pertarugan melawan gubernur sebelumnya. Namun hal itu berubah ketika mereka berhasil membawa perubahan sedikit demi sedikit pada wajah Jakarta yang sudah di tahap memprihatinkan. Mereka menggebrak budaya-budaya kotor yang sudah mengakar di system pemerintahan, sampai memperbaiki tata kota. Dari situ masyarakat melihat bahwa masih ada orang yang benar-benar ingin memperbaiki Jakarta dengan cara yang lebih bersih.

Ketika Jokowi menjadi calon presiden, banyak dukungan yang dieroleh dari seluruh penjuru negri ini. Mereka melihat sosok yang tepat untuk membangun negri ini, bahakan ada yang mengatakan Jokowi adalah titisan ‘sesuatu’ setelah beberapa ratus tahun, dan kita harus memanfaatkan momen ini. Perjalanan Jokowi tentu saja tidak semulus popularitas yang diterimanya, banyak juga yang berusaha menghalangi, terutama politikus yang merasa terancam. Namun sekali lagi, dukungan masyarakat sangat mengambil peranan penting. Saya ingat ketika hari pemilihan, banyak anak muda yang sebelumnya apatis, termasuk saya, rela untuk mengurus surat ke kelurahan agar bisa ikut memilih di tempat perantauan. Continue reading “Ketika rakyat ingin memilih pemimpinnya sendiri”

Toraja or Brazil ?

Everyone knows the statue of Christ The Redeemer in Brazil. It is a popular tourist destination in South America, especially for Christian people. And now, we have it also in Toraja. Its called Christ The King. The height is taller than the one in Brazil. It was built two years ago and it almost finish now.

Waiting for Sunrise

I have been there several time to take picture from above. This morning, ramdomly I decided to climb again. It was a perfect moment because the mountain is covered by the mist and cloud. I went there by motorcylce. The road is better than before. It took about 30 minutes from my home. Continue reading “Toraja or Brazil ?”

Chitato Rasa Indomie

Jadi semenjak gw diungsikan ke tempat terpencil, banyak hal-hal kekinian yang gw lewatkan. Biasanya gw termasuk orang yang paling update. 8-)

Sebut saja film-film terbaru, entah sudah berapa judul film yang gw lewatkan. Di Tembagapura sana akses untuk nonton sangatlah terbatas, hanya bermodalkan copian film dari teman atau nonton dari HBO. Kalau mau download tentu saja harus berkorban quota internet yang jatah cuma 8GB.

Trus akhir-akhir ini lagi heboh tentang varian baru dari kripik yang legendaris itu, Chitato. Mereka mengeluarkan varian baru dengan rasa Indomie. Emang tak terbantahkan lagi, Indomie memiliki ikatan batin yang erat dengan rakyat terutama mahasiswa yang pernah merasakan kehabisan uang.

Kebetulan pas liburan kemarin di Bulukumba, gw nemuin di Indomaret. Tinggal 2 bungkus, sepertinya laku keras. Tanpa pikir panjang gw langsung ambil trus cuss ke kasir buat bayar. Continue reading “Chitato Rasa Indomie”

Tanjung Bira, Bulukumba

I spent my first week of my vacation this time at Bulukumba, visiting Bara beach. It supposed to be in January, but after having discussion with hostel owner, Jordan, he recommended me to come on March. He was true, this month is the best time to enjoy the beach, no rain and cloudy sky.


After landed in Makassar, I stayed at really cheap hostel at Panakkukang. It was only 75K with great facility and breakfast. #heaven. Haha. It is Makassar Guest House. If you want to stay at makassar for couples of day, this hostel can be one of your choice. Located in the central of makassar.

On the next day, I went to Malengkeri Terminal to catch my ‘bus’ to bulukumba. I was lucky because as I arrived there, a ‘bus’ just want to depart. On that ‘bus’ I met Isabele and Julia, and they become my travel mate for two days. Continue reading “Tanjung Bira, Bulukumba”



So, on the last January, I had my another first time, become a Bestman for my friends wedding. Friends? yes, both of them is my friend. They are Levi and Albert. Several months before, they ask me if its pssible for me to attend their wedding later. It was a tough decision because I can guarantee that I will be in Indonesia or Jakarta at least at that time. But eventually, I made it.


I knew Levi first and then Albert. I met levi at St. Therecia Church Menteng. We have a kind of ‘gank’ contains I, Levi, Mely, Dayana, and Jimmy. Since then we spent our weekend together. Moreover, we are quite new in Jakarta, so we shared more experience. Sometimes we went to mall that far away from Central Jakarta. Another time we enjoyed a vacation at Pulau Pari, we went to puncak, and many more. Oh, twice or more we spent our night at nice hotel. We dont need to pay because Day have a good connection to some hotels, so we got free. Haha. And then Levi met Albert. The gank become more crowded.

The wedding party took place at Novotel Bandung. Luckily, I got day off for three weeks and perfectly matched with Albert’s wedding. I was very nervous before the wedding, worse than Albert. #sigh. Levi and Albert seemed really busy with the WO. It was such a goood lesson for me, and Daya to. Oh, the bridesmaid is Day.

I tried to overcome my nervousness by reading some blog that explain about wedding party. I preapare some stufs that recommended by that blog that I have to keep it in my pocket all the time. I bought some tissue, oil papaer, aid-band, etc.

Not only nervous, I also feel embarassed because I am the only non chinesee on this circle. Especially when I met their family. Oh, I have to learn many things. Fortunately, they did not care really much. I hope so.

At the end, It was really great time. We delivered our job as good as we can. There was a funny moment when I have to dressed Alber for photo session. It was really awkward. And also the moment when Albert’s parents ‘gave’ Albert to me to be escorted to bride’s place. I gave a wrong “pai” ( greeting in chinesee tradition). Arghh…

And now I have extra experience in my life. I have still two chance to become bestman, since Its only allowed for three times.

Congrats Albert and Levi! Happily ever after!

*I am waiting for the video and edited photo from the WO. They are very tallented.

Living in Papua

Hello World!  Hello from the other side.

So, here I am, at Papua. It has been almost four months after my first landing at Mozes Kilangin Airport at Timika. We supposed to be here since half year ago, but because of some circumstances we were not allowed to be moved. I work at Freeport Indonesia as representative of my company, Midroc Automation. We are ten people which is seven Swedish expatriates and three Indonesian.

I remember when my friend sent me a message, ” Where are you now? Which part of Indonesia?”

Honestly, I was kind of worried about the work place here before we came. I think about the hard environment, the culture, the altitude and many more. Typical me, over-thinking :D. But after living here for some days, I started to love this place.

View from my appartment

The thing that I love is the weather and the scenery. It is really beautiful here, we are surrounded by mountain and there is a lot of water fall on it. Its like the scene of Avatar movie. hehe. The air is very cold, below ten degree. Sometimes it is sunny but on the other day it will be really foggy.

About the food, actually it is really good (for the first two weeks). They serve western and Indonesian food every day at mess hall (canteen). We can take as much as we want. They also serve desert, for instance ice cream and cakes.  But then I felt really bored with those foods. I miss the Ikan asin and tempe tahu. Moreover, the food makes my cholesterol even worse. It is 264 for now. Its really high (dangerous zone). Continue reading “Living in Papua”

Mount Rinjani

#sembalun #summit #hypotermia #sunset #sunrise

Those are our main topic for three days in Lombok. Yes, we were at Mount Rinjani!


Two weeks ago, my friend posted on whatsapp group about travelling to Lombok and conquer the legendary Rinjani. “It is my call”. Without hesitation I contacted my friend and promise him if my schedule fit with his plan, I will join. And then, It turned okay.

*for more photo, please visit

Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.

I went to Lombok alone at Tuesday afternoon. I booked a flight at Batik Air, unfortunately the departure was from Halim Airport. That was my first time to visit this place. The airport is really small compare to Soetta Airport. I love Batik Air, I get Garuda taste with cheaper price. I also can use my earphone to watch the movie.

I met Mail and Rhey at Lombok Airport two hours later, they took the latest flight. In one our our driver came to pick us up. He is really generous, he gave us a free of charge to spend the night at his home. Actually, our plan was to sleep at airport, but he explained that it was a terrible idea. And thats true, no one stayed at airport. Eventhough I still can sleep well until sunrise. Continue reading “Mount Rinjani”

Fun Gathering

Another gathering of my choir. This year is 10th anniversary of my choir so we celebrate it more merrier . We had outing, concert, sarasehan, and mass several months ago.

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out

After finishing our sunday service at Vatican Embassy, we went to Pondok Indah, home of one CVJ member. She a rich lady yet very generous. She prepared her home for our venue. Different from previous gathering, this one is more relax, we just had lunch together and delivered a game.

The game was quite challenging, we were separated in to five groups. Each group had to vote their own leader and take one task from  committee. We were given bunch of straws. The objection is to build a ‘thing’ based on our leader selection. My group had to build a bridge.  Continue reading “Fun Gathering”

Shin Splints

I am confident with my decision that I should stop running for a while. I got injured on my leg especially the shin-bone. They said its called shin splints.

The injure occurs after we did some over do, wrong technique, or wrong equipment while exercising. For the past 2 year, I managed to run/jogging and swim regularly. Those are my kind of sport. There is nothing wrong with the swimming except I still can not use free-stroke very well :p

Lets talk about running. Recently, I feel some pain on my shin bone. It always hurts after I run for hundreds meter. Eventually, I can not run a long track that I used to be. I tried to give it a rest for several days even weeks, and I started to run again. But the same symptom occurred even worse. Continue reading “Shin Splints”

Norwegian Wood

Once upon a time, I went to Kinokuniya my my office mate after having our lunch. I wanted to take a look some book about project management. I realized I lack of knowledge about project management. Unfortunately, the price is unbelievable. My friend told me that he has some ebook in his storage and promised to send me later.

“Hei, I know this book” I took a book from the shelve. Norwegian Book, by Haruki Murakami. It brought me to a posting that my friend casting on his path ‘reading Norwegian Wood’ and some dirty comment about it. haha. But I knew this guy, he wont read any crap book. So I considered that it was a really good book.

“I have read that book” my friend told me.

“How was it? Do you recommend this book to me? You know lah my genre.”

“Hmm.. well it is a good book, but not a really good book. Eventually I talk to my self “Why am I reading this book? “

“So?” Continue reading “Norwegian Wood”

Sunda Kelapa Harbour

Let’s visit another ‘beauty’ of Jakarta.

On that very hot day, I decided to visit Sunda Kelapa. Actually I have been there but only for view minutes, since it was only me, no one else who looked like a tourist. I guess I came in the wrong time. So, to accomplish my mission capturing those big traditional ship, instead of in the middle of the day, I went in the afternoon. People said that the proper time to visit is morning or afternoon. Yes, it is a golden our for photographing.

Sunda Kelapa

I spent several hours in Starbucks Stasiun Kota, reading my book until 4.15pm. I love the interior but not that noisy ambience. There was a briefing for newbie barista that will be deployed soon to Starbucks shop in Jakarta. The trainer was talking quite loud so I can overhear what he/she is talking about. One thing that ring the bell is “we should always welcoming everyone, even he is a swpeeper, satpam, milkman. Always say “Selamat Datang'”.

Time to continue my random trip. Sunda Kelapa harbour is not that far from Kota Tua. (You can get Kota Tua by Trans Jakarta, line Blok M – Kota). Just go straight via Cengkeh street and then take the right tun on the end. No need to pay for entrance. I asked for permission to the satpam just to make sure whether we are allowed to enter the site since there are big screen explain that we need self protection equipment before entering. But, he gave me an OK.

Stranded ship

Sunda Kelapa harbour is old harbour in Jakarta even in Indonesia. You can find the history of this harbour here. It was established on 12th century and become the main trade center for Sunda Kingdom.

It was so dusty because of the big trucks pass by every time, so please bring your own mask. There are several crew man loading their goods into the ship. Some of modern crane help them to perform this job, it will save time. Going further more, while I was taking picture, there is a man from a small boat yelled at me.

“Come..come.. I will give you a tour around this place”

“How much is it?”

“Hmm.. only 50 K”

It was really expensive comparing the information I got from review in internet.

“I’ll give you 30K” I tried to bargain.


Couples minute later I already sit nicely on the shaking boat, holding my camera tightly. Haha. We need to make a slight move he and there between those big ship. I insisted to make a chit chat with the man, but he just smile and smile. The only information I got was he came from Bugis. Hahaha.

During the tour, I could observe their living-on-the-boat routine. They bath, cook, washing, etc on their boat. I wondered how can they get a fresh water? Some of them just relaxing on the deck, chatting with their neighbour. In the other side, the land part, there are abundant of ‘small house’ that not really hygienics. It should be a really hard life.

hey neighbour!

The more we entered the open sea, the wave was getting bigger. My driver make a turn we went back to our port. It was even harder to get off from the boat. Haha.

I also visited Museum Bahari, unfortunately it was closed already. So I just took some picture from outside. Before going back, I had my beer at Bangi Kopitiam Kota Tua. They have a vintage decoration. Aside the Bangi, there are two other restaurant with different menu and interior. I just realized that Kota Tua is tidying up right now. Restoration is held for the abandoned old building. Lets see how it can be look like several years later.

Please visit this page for other photos.

Shaky boat
school kids

Freelance Photographer

This is my very first time being a paid-photographer. Hehe. I got this challenge from my travel mate to Pahawang last month. How come?

The Event

Several days after the trip, I upload some photos from my camera that I took during the journey. Later on, my friend sent me a message. “Could you be our photographer in my company event next month?”

It takes weeks after I say yes. Haha. Beside my uncertain schedule, I feel that my ability and my gear is still not sufficient. I dont want to ruin the entire documentation with poor quality of my photos. But he keep giving me courage. “Your photo is great, especially for moment-photo”. “Your style is nat-geo-like”. Continue reading “Freelance Photographer”

Weekdays Get AwayI

I spent my last two days in Bandung visiting may campus and my friend? Why? Because I was bored. 

Instead of using travel agent, I went by train. I am one of train fan. Travelling by train is more relaxing and gives me a ‘true’ travelling feeling. I departed from Gambir station to Bandung station using Argo Parahyangan. A day before I purchased a cheap business class. Well, price will show the quality, it was not really comfortable with business class seat, too narrow for long journey.

I arrived at Bandung around 12.30pm and went directly to Panti Wiyataguna, a massage home which is run by government. It is near the Lapangan Padjajaran. I used to go there if I travel to Bandung.

An hour later I headed to my hotel, Vio Hotel. I was confused to find the location since the attached maps on the Hote Quickly is wrong. Gladly I did not use angkot or taxi, but Gojek.  Continue reading “Weekdays Get AwayI”

How To Talk?



“Nate! Seriously? ”

Yes, I am serious. I find this book in my friend blog, he gives a positive review for this book. After read his review, I know this book is for me. Haha. Another book in my reading list.

never ending reading list in my bookshelves

But Why?

As I wrote before, I am kind of INFJ person. INFJ is the rarest race in the world based on Myers-Briggs diversification. Less than one percent of world population. Should I proud of that? And you know, Introvert, how they acts in everyday life? hehe.

Anyway, I find it quite difficult to make a conversation with other people. I do hate if people starts to make a chit-chat. Sometime I think that what they are talking about is shallow and not necessary. I always end up my self lacking of thing to talk about. May be if you meet me for the first time, you will depict me as an ice-cold man. haha.

I have not finished read this book, but from my first impression, I would recommend this book for everyone. Especially for people who does a lot of meeting or conversation in their job, for example a marketing or a salesman in engaging a new client.