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Month: March 2016

Toraja or Brazil ?

Everyone knows the statue of Christ The Redeemer in Brazil. It is a popular tourist destination in South America, especially for Christian people. And now, we have it also in Toraja. Its called Christ The King. The height is taller than the one in Brazil. It was built two years ago and it almost finish now.


Waiting for Sunrise

I have been there several time to take picture from above. This morning, ramdomly I decided to climb again. It was a perfect moment because the mountain is covered by the mist and cloud. I went there by motorcylce. The road is better than before. It took about 30 minutes from my home. Read more

Chitato Rasa Indomie

Jadi semenjak gw diungsikan ke tempat terpencil, banyak hal-hal kekinian yang gw lewatkan. Biasanya gw termasuk orang yang paling update. 8-)

Sebut saja film-film terbaru, entah sudah berapa judul film yang gw lewatkan. Di Tembagapura sana akses untuk nonton sangatlah terbatas, hanya bermodalkan copian film dari teman atau nonton dari HBO. Kalau mau download tentu saja harus berkorban quota internet yang jatah cuma 8GB.

Trus akhir-akhir ini lagi heboh tentang varian baru dari kripik yang legendaris itu, Chitato. Mereka mengeluarkan varian baru dengan rasa Indomie. Emang tak terbantahkan lagi, Indomie memiliki ikatan batin yang erat dengan rakyat terutama mahasiswa yang pernah merasakan kehabisan uang.

Kebetulan pas liburan kemarin di Bulukumba, gw nemuin di Indomaret. Tinggal 2 bungkus, sepertinya laku keras. Tanpa pikir panjang gw langsung ambil trus cuss ke kasir buat bayar. Read more

Tanjung Bira, Bulukumba

I spent my first week of my vacation this time at Bulukumba, visiting Bara beach. It supposed to be in January, but after having discussion with hostel owner, Jordan, he recommended me to come on March. He was true, this month is the best time to enjoy the beach, no rain and cloudy sky.


After landed in Makassar, I stayed at really cheap hostel at Panakkukang. It was only 75K with great facility and breakfast. #heaven. Haha. It is Makassar Guest House. If you want to stay at makassar for couples of day, this hostel can be one of your choice. Located in the central of makassar.

On the next day, I went to Malengkeri Terminal to catch my ‘bus’ to bulukumba. I was lucky because as I arrived there, a ‘bus’ just want to depart. On that ‘bus’ I met Isabele and Julia, and they become my travel mate for two days. Read more



So, on the last January, I had my another first time, become a Bestman for my friends wedding. Friends? yes, both of them is my friend. They are Levi and Albert. Several months before, they ask me if its pssible for me to attend their wedding later. It was a tough decision because I can guarantee that I will be in Indonesia or Jakarta at least at that time. But eventually, I made it.


I knew Levi first and then Albert. I met levi at St. Therecia Church Menteng. We have a kind of ‘gank’ contains I, Levi, Mely, Dayana, and Jimmy. Since then we spent our weekend together. Moreover, we are quite new in Jakarta, so we shared more experience. Sometimes we went to mall that far away from Central Jakarta. Another time we enjoyed a vacation at Pulau Pari, we went to puncak, and many more. Oh, twice or more we spent our night at nice hotel. We dont need to pay because Day have a good connection to some hotels, so we got free. Haha. And then Levi met Albert. The gank become more crowded.

The wedding party took place at Novotel Bandung. Luckily, I got day off for three weeks and perfectly matched with Albert’s wedding. I was very nervous before the wedding, worse than Albert. #sigh. Levi and Albert seemed really busy with the WO. It was such a goood lesson for me, and Daya to. Oh, the bridesmaid is Day.

I tried to overcome my nervousness by reading some blog that explain about wedding party. I preapare some stufs that recommended by that blog that I have to keep it in my pocket all the time. I bought some tissue, oil papaer, aid-band, etc.

Not only nervous, I also feel embarassed because I am the only non chinesee on this circle. Especially when I met their family. Oh, I have to learn many things. Fortunately, they did not care really much. I hope so.

At the end, It was really great time. We delivered our job as good as we can. There was a funny moment when I have to dressed Alber for photo session. It was really awkward. And also the moment when Albert’s parents ‘gave’ Albert to me to be escorted to bride’s place. I gave a wrong “pai” ( greeting in chinesee tradition). Arghh…

And now I have extra experience in my life. I have still two chance to become bestman, since Its only allowed for three times.

Congrats Albert and Levi! Happily ever after!

*I am waiting for the video and edited photo from the WO. They are very tallented.

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