Singapore : Places

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Marina Bay

This is the icon of Singapore where there are some beautiful building placed. Merlion Statue, Marina Bay Sands, Esplanade Theater, Singapore Flyer, Fullerton Hotel and many more. I visited this places four times. Hehe.. The best time for visiting is in the night, the real beautiful appears. Light from tall building make it even wonderful. The laser and water show by MBS also great.




Orchard Road

My hotel is in this street, this is heaven for shopaholics. Many branded fashion has their shops here. They said that the price is lower than every where. There also many discount for particular time. I think girls will love this place and spend their a whole day here. If you visit this place you must try Singapore Ice cream that always sold by old man. The taste is very delicious, I love the durian one.


Clarke Quay

Lets drink some beer here!. The place is so great, many restaurant and pub here. Enjoy the river view and light. The location is along the Singaporean river.



China Town

I think each city or country has their own China Town. Singapore do has one, just like the other, this place full of chinese people selling goods and souvenirs. You can find dome restaurant provide chinese food, beware of pork of course. hehe.. Night time would be great for visiting.


Little India

Singapore also has a place that most of people in there is India race. The most significant place to visit is Mustofa Center. It is like a department store which is selling various things. Chocolate, bags, tshirt, electronics, and many more. The price also reasonable. Oh, when you enter the environment, you fill smell the myrrh everywhere. Better use a mask if you have a sensitive nose.


Bugis Street

Fyi, bugis is one of race in Sulawesi. This places just like China town, sells various things especially fashion things such as bags, accessories, watches, shirt, shoes, etc. You can even bargain before buying.



Museum of Art and National Museum

It’s kinda boring to visit museum, but spend my last time to visit those place. To enter the museum of art you have to pay, but for national museum it is free. The location is not far each other.

Sentosa Island

If you like to visit amusement park, this place is a must. Universal Studio is here. I visit this place just to take some picture and try the Gondola. Haha..  Fyi, it is quite pricey.




Singapore : About


Many people live in Singapore, not only the native but people with various. There are three major race here, Chinese, India and Malay. Besides the major, there also Pinoy, Indonesian, and Western. Since those multi-race dwelling here, the language also so vary. I can heard at least five language in MRT everyday including Bahasa. What about office? Oh gosh, those people talking to fast, I cant hear them precisely. Moreover when people using Singlish, Singapore english version. Its kinda funny yet confusing. The grammar is so weird.


I love pork, and I can find it everywhere. haha.. But I dont really like chinese food, I prefer Phinas food, the taste is similar with Celebes’s. Since the food really expensive, I always have my dinner at Lucky Plaza. There is a food court on the basement with various menu, hallal food is available too (Indonesian cuisine). Once I had my dinner at Ramen Restaurant in Bugis Junction. It was very delicious with big slice of pork. That was the best ramen I ever had. hehe.. Another experience with food is at Little India. There so many india restaurant there but I decide to have my dinner at chinese resto, Indian cuisine is too spicy for me. I order rice with pork. While waiting a girl asked me, “You are from Myanmar?”.  ” No” . ” Japan” . ” No, I’m from Indonesia “. “ohh.. I see. But the food is… ” . ” Its OK for me “. So, in their mind set, if you are Indonesia, dont eat pork. If do, you are a Chinese. :D


I would say that Singapore has a very well  managed transportation system. They has MRT and Busses that integrated each other. We can find station and halte everywhere. About the payment, it is also very flexible.


Mall is everywhere in Singapore. On the downtown, mall is integrated with MRT station. You can find many popular brand shop here with best price, at least cheaper than in Indonesia.

to be contiued

Singapore : First Time

“Can lah !”

Seems I will get used with this new English, Singlish!

Welcome to Singapore, Nate. It should be a year ago, but due to company regulation, my training was postponed. Yes, I come to this country for training reason. Actually this year training seemed to be postponed again, but in the last, I get confirmation that I will have my 2 weeks in Singapore. :)

The journey was started on 16 of March and will be finished on 29 March. It’s kinda long time, normally we only have maximum 1 week training, but for may department t can be 2 weeks. Haha.. All my transportation and accomodation is reserved by Smailing Tour, so it is not a bacpacker tour. Lets have a luxury for awhile. I proposed to book a hotel near from Marina Bay, but unfortunately those hotels was not available for two weeks in a row. So I get Mandarin Hotel on Orchard Road, still a 5 * Hotel anyway.

The first time I landed in Singapore, ‘Amazing’ is the word to be shouted. Singapore is not far away from Jakarta, but it is completely different atmosphere, especially the Airport, Changi. They have a big big airport. The facility is high tech equipped. Before leaving the airport, I bought a SIM card for my phone. I got M1 for SGD 18, it just only for internet, can not SMS or phone call. Indonesia should provide this system also for tourist, so they can contact they relatives by Social Networking or popular Messenger even they can make phone call by those application. I got 1 GB for a month. After that, I take my taxi to bring me to Hotel. It was a long line before my turn.During the road, I saw that Singapore is very clean country. Many trees is planted everywhere with tidy arrangement. The taxi driver keeps talking with me, he was an India. In Singapore, the taxi driver can receive a phone call, I think Indonesia is better for this case. Hehe. About 20 later, I arrived at my hotel.

to be continued : Language is the first culture shock for me. I can not hear their pronunciation clearly, many dialect here.

Should We Congrat Jokowi for his Election ?

As a part of Jakarta, I am not really happy about the election of Jokowi by PDIP as President candidate for the next election. I think it is to premature to let Jokowi leave his job as governor of Jakarta. There still a lot of work to be done. I admit that Jokowi track record is great, many improvement has been done by him. Even tough his deputy, Ahok, will replace him, I think it will be different. They already become one packet to heal this Jakarta.

By accepting this challenge from Megawati, Jokowi will face many obstacle afterward. There is a lot of politics interest in this country, he should put the citizen right above everything even over party objections. Our people has been waiting for a true leader who can get rid the corruption from this country.

So, since Jokowi already elected and nothing I can do to stop him become as candidate, I will give my support to him.

Anyway, thank for the election because IHSG strengthen today significantly. They said this is because Jokowi effect, many investors buy the stock. My reksadana growth over 4%. Hehe..


About Forgiving

Everything you do, whether it is good or bad thing, people will always find the flaw

Media has been full with news about Ade Sara murder since last week. A complicated relationship among three youth ended up with death. Ade Sara who is know as humble and calm girl was murdered by her friends. She was a only daughter in her family.

After her funeral, her parents made a phenomenal statement that they forgive the murderer, both of them, Hafid and Assyifah. For me it is not weird anymore. I heard many times about this condition, forgiving the guilty one.But, other people think this is not normal, there should be a modus behind. If found this article on my friends facebook.

What is done by Ade parents, to forgive other, is one of way to show your love, the main doctrine in Catholic. You can find it in Bible. By loving each other, Heaven will be on earth. There is no other reason to forgive other, especially to influence other to follow our religion.

I learn about Evangelization in my Church, it is about to spread the “good news”, not only to same religion but also to others. The purpose is not to spread the religion but to make a better world. We never insist other to become a Catholic, never!, we just show what Jesus teach us. And I proud of it. As mother Theresa did, she helped every poor people but did not intend to baptize them.

There is a verse in a Bible about spread the love. The kingdom of God is as if someone would scatter seed on the groundMark 4:26-34






Those guys still exist

I read my blackberry (yes, i’m still maintaining my old BB) short message this morning. It said that my subscription for monthly BIS already over. Hmm.. That means I need to buy the voucher again. Actually I dont really need the BIS, but my client forced me to keep activating my BB so they can reach me. -__-.

In the lunch time, I went to ATM and purchase the voucher for my number. I bought 50K and 25K voucher. The 25K already topped up to my number, but how about the 50K? I checked the receipt. Damn.. I entered my number wrongly, it should be 085255330*0* instead of 085255330?0?. Let it be, the Beatles say, it was the other people luck. Then I went again to ATM and purchased the 50K again.

Several hours later, I re-think, how about to call the wrong number. May be SMS him first, nothing to loose. So, I take my phone and send a SMS to him.

” Hi, Im natan. I send a voucher to your number. It should be for my number but I enter the number wrongly. Please resend the voucher to mu number back”.

Two ours has passed. Suddenly my BB rang, It was from him. OMG. Continue reading “Those guys still exist”

New Camera

Instead of bad news before, I have a good one.

Finally I have my own SLR camera. It is a Mirrorless camera by Sony. It was very difficult to decide what camera should I buy. Began with whether DSLR or Mirrorless camera. You can find out what the difference between DSLR and Mirrorless camera by googling. My consideration is the size and style. haha. DSLR camrea has bigger size than mirrorless camera and heavier as well. Mirrorless camera has compact body and also stylish. Yes it’s true that the captured picture quality depends on who takes it, but the style make you more confident.

There are some well known mirrorless camera in the market. Almost all of the brand has their own mirrorless camera version besides DSLR. Lets say Sony, Olympus, Samsung, Fuji, Panasonic, Pentax, Leica, etc. Based on browsing result, my hearth fall to Sony Nex 6Y. Sony has the newer version, but many of Sony camera owner prefer the Nex 6.

I bought the camera on JPC Kemang. It was hard to find the Y series, I called many shop and I ended up with “empty stock” answer. One camera store at Singapore has the Y version, but  the price is too, very, expensive. I was about to giving up and planed to buy the L version. But on the last called, JPC said that they had the camera. Yess..

Anyway, JPC is a recommended store in Jakarta, located in Kemang. They have complete collection of camera. I saw many customer buy camera there, I think it is the sign that the store is trustworthy. Other than that, the sales girls was so generous, smile all the time and keep offering me many additional stuff. Haha..

So, from now on, lets take a better picture.

Bad News

I was shocked when I read my Lecturer status on Facebook.

“Turut berduka cita. Firman Chandra Siregar, ikut dalam musibah Malaysia Airlines. Semoga Tuhan memberikan yang terbaik untuk Firman dan keluarganya. “

Oh my God, that name in the manifest list is my friend’s name. Firman is my classmate at ITB, not really a classmate, we studied at ITB with the same major and year. Elektro 2007.

I heard the news in this morning, but I did not relate that name to Firman, just a familiar name. They said that the plane was going from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. While the plane passing the Vietnam, the connection to this plane disappeared. The authorities from Malaysia and Vietnam still looking after the passenger. Hope all the passenger is safe. Amen.

2013 Resolution Review

Did a random read of my previous posts, and get one about resolution of year 2013. Honestly, I did not remember that I wrote some target for last year. So, lets review it now.

Well, the secret one still remains as a mystery of my life. haha. Just let it flow and keep calm.

How about traveling things? I did two trips last year. I went to Bali with my family, my dad and sisters. It was really fun yet sad since my mother could not joined us due to her health. The other trip is I and my friends go to Pari Island. It was only a two-days trip, but that was amazing. We really enjoyed that moment.

For this one, I am so proud with myself. I am investing my money to Reksa Dana (RD). Currently I have three RD phortofolios in total, two from Schroder and one from Panin PAM. Last year really an acrobatic moment for RD since the value of RD fluctuated from mid year until the beginning of this year. I ever felt how’s almost-two-million defisit looks like. But today, the value already get its green zone.

Health. Last year I examined my health at Siloam Hospital and I ended up with shock when I read the result. The doctor said that my cholesterol was to high, almost get the normal threshold. She suggest me to do workout. Since then, I swim regularly at Saripan Hotel. *thanks to Levi for the cheap membership.  Oh, I also gained my weight to 60. When I go to my home at Toraja, I did not hear “You are so skinny, my son” anymore.

The last is my relationship with the Lord. I am glad that I can joined a community at Theresia Church, called KEP. The members are very kind and humble, we support each others. Really a positive community. I also get my self in to a choir. A great choir with great singer members, Capella Victoria Jakarta.

What else? I think its enough.

Ok, we will see for this year. What can i do…


Letter From The Past

Have you ever imagined if someone or even your self from the past send you a letter? It should be awesome, right? Is it possible?
The answer is “yes”.

A free service called “futureme” facilitate us for this great idea. Just visit the site here and register with our current email. The mechanism is we write a letter that will be sent to our email on the day we have choose. We can set the delivery date minimum a month after we save the email. The email we write can be read by other people or we can make it private so no one can read our little secret.

In this web, we can read other user’s email. It is really fun, everyone can write their own story to tell for their future. Some people promise to be a better man, not to smoke, stop drinking, ask their future whether (s)he already married or no etc. We also can write down our goals and check it if we can achieve it in the next year.

I already wrote some for my future. It is kinda weird when I ‘speak’ to my future, being confused by subject/object in my email whether using “we” or “you” or “I”. Haha.. Please do make your own futureme. Enjoy

Saturday Meet Up

I was waken up by Adrianti call today, it was 7.45am. She asked me whether I have a plan going out for today. I said that I am flexible, then she informed me that our friend, Yoan, is in the hospital now. Yoan has been hospitalized for three days. Anti asked me to accompany her and Hendri to visit Yoan.  Oh, they are my friends from Junior High school.

We met at Carolus Hospital at Salemba. It was very happy moment instead of Yoan condition, but I thinks Yoan need a laughting friends around her to cheer her up. Haha. Yes, and as the our routine meet up, laughing is at everytime, for sure it was because Hendri humor. Several minutes later, Lina and Meyske joined us. One moment that remembered me about our childhood is we always pray for our friend when we visit them. It’s really so sweet. :).

At 2pm, we decided to leave and find our lunch. Hendri asked us if we want to have our late lunch with pork. Everyone said “YES”. Haha.. Typical , torajaneese, lindo pa’piong. :P

There is a Manado Restaurant near the hospital, we can get there by angkot 01. The place is not so wah, it’s like a ordinary warung that we can find anywhere. The menu was so complete. I think all of pork recipe is offered. I choose pork satay and RW. RW is dog meat. hehe.. RW is very popular in my hometown, Toraja, besides pork. But in my opinion, RW toraja is still the best in the world. We had a long conversation and laugh. It always a good time to reminisce our nostalgic moment with old friend.

If you want to visit this restaurant, just go to jalan kramat 5 and find the warung called Tinoor Permai. Oh, the price is very cheap anyway.