Resolution 2014

May be 41 MP just like nokia Lumia 1020. Haha.. Not that one :)

Ok, from this day on, let set some goal to seize next year. It should be easier when we list it our dreams or objections, they said.

  1. Decide my future, study or focus on career.
    I set the 2014 as a critical point in my life. Where should this ‘nate’ will end up? Let see.
  2. Learning one other language.
    My bad that so difficult to learn a new language. I spent my free time for another instead of learning a new one.
    French, germany, or korean? Hmm..

  3. Reduce my cold drink consuption.
    Haha.. It could make my voice lighter and brighter. Hopefully. Continue reading “Resolution 2014”


Hi. I’m back.
It’s been already two months since my late post. My passion to write disappeared lately. Hehe.

As many people talk about at the end of the year, I want to review some moments of my life that I think it worth to remember.

Hmmm.. Do I have some of them?

Oh, the first one is I am still at this company, IBM. Haha.. IBM is such a enjoying company, profesional, good culture and lots of bemefits. It’s me that can not grab those opprtunity. I learned many things from this place. Meet many types of customer, from the humble one to the bossy one. Haha.. Get nervous evertime hear my phone ringngin, even when other phone that use nokia classic ringtone rings. Oh at one of my customer office,I met a multinational expat, asian especially. They come from different company an country, Japan, Korean, Singapore, China, Taiwan. Sometimes I felt like I am in the asian drama scene. Especially whe the korean girls speaks. Haha.

About travelling, I already booked my ticket for the big trip next year. It should be a wonderful trip. May be I will travel solo, since my friend cancel his schedule, but in my opinion it will be even great to travel alone. Hehe.
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