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Month: October 2013

Happy Anniversary


time flies, it is already a year

let’s face the future

congrats also to Jokowi – Ahok. we have the same ‘first day’ :D

Just an Innocent Guy

I just had a worst morning today. I was fail for audit from IT Department from Singapore. As I ever mentioned about privilege user for all employee in my company, we are forbidden to access non business link and using unsecure devices on our laptop.

I was so ‘lucky’ to be selected by audit team. I already prepared my laptop and delete some unnecessary files and history from my laptop. However I left some files that I thought should no be matter as long as I have fair justification.

The audit guy seemed so friendly, gave me some advise as privilege user. I answered all his question like an innocent guy. I end our chat with smile emoticon. ” I will pass this audit” . But, as an email popped up in my inbox, it ruins my day. I was Failed. The email also been cc to¬† my manager. T.T . Couples day before, he asked me to prepare and hope I pass the audit. But I ended up with failure. Arrgghh..

So sorry..


IBM Batik Day

It was a fun day!

To celebrate Batik day as world heritage, we are asked to wear batik on that day. Not just to wear batik, but also to make a team picture to join photo competition. As the fire burning in GTS team spirit, #lebay , GTS always done the job with maximum effort. We take picture inside office and also at Bundaran HI. As our effort to make those photos, we are selected as best team photo for IBM Batik Day Competition. hehe. Fyi, our photo also published in Antara website. :P

photo by Mas Arief

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