What a shame, after living in this world for a quarter of century, this is the first time I landed my step on Bali. :P

The trip already planned several months ago. I felt bored at office with my daily routine, I convinced my family to gather together at Bali. Unfortunately, my Mom could not visit because of her sickness and my oldest sister who is pregnant now. So the only member is I, Mely, Dad, Canri, Canra, and my cousin Ririn.

Luckily, we do not need to stay at hotel because my sister has her own house there at Tabanan. Her husband is a Balinesee, so we also get a free tour guide. I am so happy  for this vacation, thanks to God.

The first place we visited was Bratan Lake. It is a very famous lake that always appears in TV or picture. Bratan lake has a beautiful scenery with a temple on the side. The air was very fresh, so relaxing.  Read more