KEP 8 St. Therecia Graduation

Today is our graduation as disciple of KEP 8 ( Kursus Evangelisasi Pribadi ) at St. Theresia Church. It has been nine months since our first meeting. I joined this group because of the ‘call’ . haha.. I felt that I was lack of spiritual religion in my life. Besides I also want to find more friends.

At the very first meeting, I met many people with from other paroki. It has been know that Paroki Theresia is a stop-over of many people because of its strategic location, Menteng, in the center of Jakarta. Let say they came from Bekasi, Grogol, Depok, Cilandak and many more.

Though it was very hard on the first part, because the content is kinda different with my idealism, I try to keep my commitment. As the time pass, I learned many things, especially from religious side. And get many friend for sure. Our senior said that our term was lucky enough, because most of the participant was youth. haha. Romo Hani and Sugiri also had the same opinion.

Many story that I can tell one by one. But the most unforgetable moment is the Pari Island tour. :D .

So, just wanna say to our mentor, Thank you for your politeness in accompanying us for nine months. And also for my friend Mely, Levi, day, and Jim. Geng Busway that become Geng Taxi -___-

And now we are ready to the next task, embrace yourself guys,

Low Fat Diet


Before lunch, I went to MRCC siloam hopital to get my medical check up result. It was very hot out there, even in the halte. Yeah, we are now living in unpredictable season. I arrived at hospital about 12pm. MCU room is on 25th floor. It was very difficult o find a lift, just like at BCA.

Shortly, I get my result then had a talk with doctor. From my diagnose, my cholestrol and trygliseride is kind of high. So the pretty doctor :) asked me to manage a diet. Low fat diet. It was so shocking, because I am a thin man. I wish I can add my gain by eating more. But today, the doctor did not allow me. She said that better do more exercise than eat to much to gain my mass.

I remember my old sister. she always remind me to keep my health. Keep eating healthy food, vegetables and fruits. Now, i have to limit my desire of eat. -__-

Red Eye

One thing that I love to be an employee is the medical facility from company. Today a had an appointment at Siloam MRCC Hospital for MCU. Actually I just need the prescription from an opthamologist. Hehe.

This was not my first time for MCU, I have plenty experience when I was a joobseeker. Hehe. The only difference was the place. Siloam hospital has a modern design. It was just like a hotel or apartment.

So, how about my eyes? The doctor said that my eyes still has the same minus : -2 both of them and some cylindrical. But the main point was, I has a discomfiture for over light. No wonder my friends always said that I got red eyes, whereas I sleep well last night. Doctor give me prescription with additional comment. Use polarized lens on your glasses. So please don’t be surprised when I use a ‘sunglasses’ on my daily activity. The glasses will be darken on sunlight, but in room, it will be like a normal glasses. Kinda sophisticated but weird.

Suropati Park Menteng

Today was a tiring day. This morning, I woke up with spirit to do work out, jogging at car free day. Actually I was not sure whether CFD would be held because the fasting season. I did some searching on twitter and got confirmed that CFD still exist. Haha.

After doing some warming up, I headed Sudirman street with my old shoes. As I presumed, the street is so quite, not many people wandering around. I turned on my music player, my hp, and then started run. I got bundaran HI without any stoped by only about 15 minutes. Yeah, I still can do it.

Bundaran HI seemed as always, become the center of Jakarta. People walked around with family, took some picture, had a meal, etc. Some people brought their dog, what a perfect moment. haha. I got distracted while having my cold drink. From the distant, my eye pointed a dong was swimming in bundaran HI. It was so funny. In a flash, I already get there. I always feel happy when see a dog, a nice one, playing with his owner.

It was 8.30 that i decided go to Suropati Park. I never had been there, just watched it from taxi when I go to salemba. Today I had to go there. I went there by on foot. It was not that far, only took about ten minutes.

The first thing in my head after get that place, awesome. The park is so well managed, it was like I was not in Jakarta. haha. It has green view and fresh air. Many trees planted and some unique statue. I was not the only one, there were also people doing exercise, a  couple with their child, a group of youngster. Everyone seemed enjoys their Sunday morning.

For you who love the clean air and green view, you should go there. It is a perfect place to work out.

Photo: @ suropati park

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