This Marriage


May these vows and this marriage be blessed.
May it be sweet milk,
this marriage, like wine and halvah.
May this marriage offer fruit and shade
like the date palm.
May this marriage be full of laughter,
our every day a day in paradise.
May this marriage be a sign of compassion,
a seal of happiness here and hereafter.
May this marriage have a fair face and a good name,
an omen as welcomes the moon in a clear blue sky.
I am out of words to describe
how spirit mingles in this marriage.

Jalal al-Din Rumi, 1207-1273


should be great to be sung at wedding mass :)


New Office Regulation

There is new regulation from my company about office facility utilization, especially Thinkpad. My company restrict employee to use their Thinkpad for non business application.  So every personal stuff should be deleted in given time or their will be deleted automatically.  It is like a nightmare to whom put their secret file on Thinkpad. Since I am a new guy in this office, I don’t have many files in this laptop. I can easily erase mine and transfer it to external storage disk.

Is it that simple? NO.

Company also forbid any internet connection to non company web. What the hell? Some dangerous or suspected site already blocked by software. Honestly I dont need that site too much, so I am fine with that. But since this morning, I was told that we should not access other site even its is not blocked. Just say facebook, twitter, kompas, cnn, etc. One of my friends was chosen randomly to be audited. All of the sites that he has visited was emailed to him and asked to give explanation why he access those site. OMG, is that serious ?

My company concern about IT security. All of employee that using/connected to client network should be set as privilege user. A software was embedded in Thinkpad to prevent any suspicious program that can stole our data. Using setting incognito on chrome or some proxy tools is useless.

So how can I browsing in my room? I dont have other laptop now, I have given it to my sister. Should I buy a tab, Ms Surface or Samsung Ativ maybe?. At least I wont feel guilty to buy such thing.


Indonesia Badminton

Congratulation to Indonesia badminton team for winning three titles on Singapore Open 2013. It’s really a good news in our ‘desert’ condition. #lebay. Thanks to Liliaya/Tantowi “Idol of Thousand people”, Tommy, and Hendra/Ahsan “The most Charming couple in Asia”. (epithet by @bulutangkisri admin).

Until the last 2012, Indonesia was seem buried by other country just like the giant China, Korea, and European country. It was very rare that our player can put their name in top ten rank. But today, the sleeping Indonesia has rose. From India SS, Indonesia has shown their best although there was only one title can be taken. But, we can see that our player can reach at least QF or even SF. Last year, most of Indonesia player already fallen at R1 or R2.

I think its a impact of new authority in PBSI and also the coach in Pelatnas. As we know, our senior player that become coach at other country has been summoned to Indonesia. They were required to fix the problem at Pelatnas.

In women sector that has been ignored since Susi Susanti or Maria Kristin Yulianti can shows their improvements in the last two championship, Indonesia Open and Singapore Open. We have Lindaweni and Belatrix who can beat many superior from China, India, and Denmark. And so, Pia/Rizky finally can beat Majin and partner and reach SF.

We can see that our players have more confident and can good mentality. There is no fear when they face seed player. I think the main think for our player is to play all out without worrying. Just give their best performance. I hope with the achievement today, will give more power and hope to our player.

Indonesia bisaa..


Yeah, you can call me ‘narsis’ guy.

I love traveling and so photography, what a combination. One thing that never miss to bring is phone with best camera on it. Possessing a Lumia 920 make me more aggressive in taking photo. Haha.. I proud to be a lumia-owner.

I guess, you camera-guy, will always the man that never-been-taken picture of yourself. I think its the main rule, to take picture or be the model. Its a difficult choice for me. You buy a camera or cell-phone with good quality one, but you just taking other’s picture and looking them with nice view behind them. I think i will lost the purpose of this gadget. I am a kind of selfcentris man can not tolerate it. hehe..

The problem is, when you go with you friend that does not understanding about camera, how to take a good shoot, sometimes you will  end up with unsatisfying moment. Let say, you go to place with awesome scenery that you always want to go there, and got an amazing picture of your friend. Afterwards with big hope, ask him/her to take one for you, try to direct them the way to shoot. However the result is not that you imagine. It is really ‘hmm’ moment.

The best solution is bring your tripod and setting it as you need. Perhaps you will look at screen with nice smile. But how about if you want to take a picture with moving object or in crowded area? just bring your skilled friend. :P


Officially, Inferno becomes one of my bookshelves  member. Periplus salesman successful tempted me to buy this book. I already search for lowest price at many stores such as times, kinokuniya, gramedia, and amazone. I ended up at periplus staring at inferno looking forward to brown cover. They said that those already sold out. I admited it that they have the lowest price I town. I brought it with 15 per cent discount.

After one week, I have not finished it. Classic reason, busy. Yap, I read it just some pages per night. Working at office really give me no time to enjoy reading books with solemnly. Hehe.

As I said before, Inferno take place at Firenze, Italy as its setting. I have a guide book for this city I bought when I went there. It has a map, so i can imagine the location. Interesting. :)



Pantai Mutiara

Really enjoy the moment while seeing a wide scenery especially sea or beach. Its like every burden is left from me. :D. Looking at a far ship and building across the sea feels like every thing is possible to reach your dream.

I went to Pantai Mutiara with my fellow after having swimming at Senayan. Although the way to get there is not easy because of traffic jam, it was a pleasant trip. Andrew drive his car headed Ikkudo Ramen at PIK. I was not really like that ramen, the gravy tasted like there is blood in there. Ah, its a pork ramen fyi. hehe.

Pantai mutiara was the next destination. It was noot so far from PIK, just need a better navigator than Andrew. He mess the journey with his lack of memory. Haha. We took some photos, silly photos I say.

Rendy’s apartment is our last destination. For the first time I try Shisha, you know, Arabian smoke. He also has collection of wine,  I had the Bayleis, wine with milk. It was delicious, the same as I drank on emirates. :)

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