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Month: November 2012

new ‘kost’

today is a big day for me, yey. #lebay. in this bright day and no traffic jam, i successfully move to my new kost. after searching for a month, i decide move to benhill. there are many reason why i move. first, of course the price. for the same facility, i can get cheaper here than kebon kacang. ( fyi, i live in kebon kacang before). second, the environment. behill more comfort than kebon kacang, cleaner. third, i can get a room with window to outside ( the best part), so hommy. but there is one problem, i have to go to office by bus, that more insecure. hmm..

picture from the past

this is a picture of my me and my sisters. just found it from my sist. taken at my grandma home. behind us there is a building called ‘alang’ – toraja rice barn. kinda cute isn’t it? :D

the man who never lied

have just downloaded a full album of Maroon 5 to accompany me doing my task. overall the album is great.  no wonder ya lah..

and this song keep playing in my head. i love the beat..



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