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Month: September 2012

international book week

It’s International Book Week. The rules: Grab the closest book to you, turn to page 54, post the 5th sentence as your status. Don’t mention the title. Copy the rules as part of your status.

“Secara refleks aku langsung menarik mundur kepalaku, tapi Fulvia sudah sibuk mengumpulkan barang-barangnya.”

you can guess the book. it is so obvious.. :)



double booking

What a day. After rehearsal with my friend, I have too book a ticket for my sister. She want a flight from denpasar to makassar. After searching for a cheap fare, she decided to fly at 25 september. I ask her to transfer her money to my BCA account. But at the end she transfer to my BRI account.

And the problem begins. I always booking a ticket via internet and choose payment via key BCA. Because I have insufficient money in my BCA, I choose the ATM payment for my sister. After fill the booking registration, klik next and next, looks like a pro. hehe.. Ok. It is done. In my head, i will receive an email with booking code etc. Ten minutes passed, i still dont have an email in my inbox. I decided to make another book. I know that we cant make a book with same name. So i fill the form by exchange the first name and last name. They said that it doest matter. Then klik next next.

But, 30 minutes later, the email still did not exist. Arrghh.. I try to book again, but it did not work. The band news is time limit of payment is on 1.00am. So i have to wait. I wached film to kill time. With a sleepy eyes, at 1.20am, i try to make a book again. I was really pretty sure it will work. But, the error message… Oh, let wait till 2.00am. It still the same.

I set my alarm at 5.00am, hope the fare still on the rate, cheap. At 5.00 I woke up. Turned on my laptop. Connected the internet. Opened my browser. Visited the Lion Air website. Oh, my flight is Lion Air. I hope after time limit, my data will be reseted. But…. yeah, you know.

Ok, i decided to call lion air call center. But.. no one answered the phone. What? you call that “call center”? call center suppose to online 24 ours. I call bandung office and no one answered. Try to gooling, and everyone has the same problem. There is no way, except you book again by call the ticketing office. Then I call the ticketing office, better than call center, and i have the booking code now. wew…

Ok, this is my fault. I supposed to save the code in order to make a payment in atm. there is no email will be sent to our account until we pay it. It is different if we choose payment via key bca. You can do ‘next next’ whithout save the code, because the billing will automatically in our BCA account. After do the payment. The ticket will be sent to out email. Very easy.

BUT, i still angry with the call center. They are very very unproffesional. It is a big company. It is the way they treat their costumer? Hmm..

The insight is do not too rush in doing something, even if you doing it often.

travelling things

One of my dream is travelling around the world.  i have joined so many milist about travelling, follow backpacker blog, read news about travelling. i think it is a good preparation before i go there. hehe..  and now i have list that i have to do.  lets see some of them.

Couchsurfing – “CouchSurfing is not about the furniture, not just about finding free accommodations around the world; it’s about making connections worldwide.” Every traveller must be familiar with couchsurfing. If you want to go abroad and you do not have a friend or family there, you should join couchsurfing. by join it, we can get ‘free’ accomodation provided by someone that we do not know until we meet them. Just register on their website and choose your country and city destination. Wait a moment, you will get notification that someone can give you accomodation. We not only get ‘free’ accommodation but also a new friend and a good guide. nice isn’t it?

Mitfahren  – Only in German you can drive without limit in expressway (Autobahn). You can drive above 200km/h. Wow.. So, what is Mitfahren? It is not about how to drive really2 fast. Mitfahren is travelling by joining in stranger car. hmm.. Creepy? Dont worry, Mitfahren is safe. It is an option if we do not have enough budget to get train.  So how can we get in into someone car? By waving our hand in the air? Noo.. it is not in Indonesia. He.he. Mitfahren has a website. Just put your itenerary, and voila there will be some people offering their car with same direction. After that you send him an email and negotiate. It will be a nice trip, you can add someone else to your friend list. Mitfahren can give you experience with Autobahn, of course you have to choose a man with Porsche. hehe..

Onsen – Onsen is a bathing facility and inns around the hot spring. As we know, Japan has very very cold air, so if we can combine the cold and hot, it must be awesome. But it is not the uniqueness of onsen. the most famous thing of onsen is, we can bathing together. barely naked. hihihi. some of them let man and woman bathing together, but there is also onsen just for man and for woman. i think it is really cool if we get off the privacy sometime :P . Prepare yourself with poker face and keep your ‘stuff’.  *kidding.  For Japaneese, bathing together unwearing anything can make us feel togetherness without social status. wise philosophy.

Trans Siberian – I do love train. I think, train is the safest transportation and the most comfortable. One of the famous train is Trans Siberian. Trans Siberian is known as the longest train-line. It is connecting Moskwa – Eorope and also China, Japan, Mongolia. It’s line length is 9,289 km. So you can imagine how long we can travel with this train. Actually, if we start from St.Petersburg to get Beijing, we need 25 days. Wow.. Dont worry of being bored, they said that we can see plenty beatifull scenery, with different city. Anyway, we need to pay about 65 million rupiahs to get the ticket. And of course we have to spare enough time, a mount maybe.

Work & Holiday visa – Want to escape from your job? Carrer break? Travelling but do not have enough money? You should try this. Work & Holiday Visa. This program is a cooperation program between two country that allow their citizen to go abroad for a year. For example, we can go to Autralia for a year without money. Really? yap, except for ticket and visa. But it is only about 4 million rupiahs. So, how can be live there without money? This is the challenge. We have to work in a city to get some money, saving, and then go travelling to nice place. If your pocket has no money get another job. About 1 or 2 months. how about the job? Have i work behind the table? NO, you can work as waitress, teacher, freelance designer, everything.


Do you ever feel that you are good in many thing, but not an expert in one of them?


i am a rich-man

every time i open my junk folder of my email account, i always find an email or more from another country. i am not that famous than i get email from my fans around the world :D. yap, it is a spam.

i have got this email since some years ago. i dont know it exactly how can they get my email, may be because of socmed fenomena. but it is really annoying. fyi my email account is hotmail. so what does the email tell about? those email have the same content. it is about money laundry. how come? those are the motives.

1. Burkina Faso – Do you know that country? A small country in Africa. The author says that his parents worked as Director of Gold and Cotton production. Because of his death, the money that he saved in bank ( about USD $450,000 ) has to be transferred overseas. So he ask me to help him, give him my bank account so he can transfer the money. He promise will give me 35%, and the rest has tobe invest in a company. The profit from the investment will be used to sponsor him to the university. oh, he also ask me to relocate him to my country.. @.@.

2. Cancer – The other motive is cancer. He/she said that he have a cancer. His doctor told him he have 2 month from now. Because his family has dead from car accident, he no one to inherit his money. He saved some money ($6.5 MILLION DOLLARS) from the sales of his real estates, gulf course and some funds he inherited from his wealthy late parents and this funds have since been deposited in cash consignment volts a trust finance/security company in United Kingdom. He want me to help him collect there cash Consignment (Funds) from the Trust Financial Security Company by nominating me as his partner and the new beneficiary to his funds ($6.5 MILLION DOLLARS) to move from UNITED KINGDOM to my country.

3. Congratulation – Yeah, ” congratulation, Your E-mail ID has won the sum of $3,000,000.00 (Three Million Dollars) from Commonwealth on-line Lottery “. He/She ask me to give my bank account details so he can transfer the money.

4. Dormant Fund – He/She is a bank officer. He need my urgent assistance in transferring the sum of ($25.3 million United States dollars.) immediately to my private account. The money has been here in their Bank lying dormant for eleven good years now without anybody coming for the claim of it. He want to release the money to me as the nearest person to their deceased customer (the account owner) who died along with his supposed NEXT OF KIN since August. The Banking ethics there does not allow such money to stay more than 12 years, because the money will be recalled to the Bank treasury as unclaimed fund.

There are more motives that i can write here. I do not read every single email. Some time i just mark them as “read” and after 10 years, they will be vanish from my folder.

Almost of the email using Africa, Burkina Faso, Afganistan, Irak (africa and midle-east country) as the fund source. I do not know what happen with those country. Is there no a good regulation about transfering money or it is so easy for smuggling?

Anyway, if those money really transferred to my account, i must no be here in front of my notebook. i am supposed to be in some hotel in europe . enjoying travel around the world. spending money in every shop. buying new car and house. *dreaming continue.

I ‘am’ a rich man.



english! yap, english. from now, i will try to write my thought in english. hehe.. why do i suddenly say this thing?

yap, as you know – if you know me well :) – one of my weakness point is in language. even for local language i can not understand. i am sort of person who is so lazy to learn local’s. i have lived in three different cities, but i still can not say a  sentence in makassar/bugis or sunda properly except my hometown’s. hehe..

how about english? hmm..  poor. it is appeard when i have an interview session.

say the words in regular vocab, no ‘sophisticated’ idioms, easy listening but hard to understanding :)) . i hate it when a good idea pops in my head, but i cant explain it well.

i have a friend. she always push me to learn english more. one day, i told her that some day i want take higher degree. than she asked me, ” what’s your toefl score? “. then i said , “bla..bla..bla.. ” – censored – . and you know what? she suddenly scream in the middle of town, eh i mean resto.  ” do not even think about take higher degree with that score, tomorrow you start to learn english again, and take the toefl test. you should get about 600 point. ” oh my gosh!. she made me embarassed. like a mom talk to her little child.

then i realized, all the time i feel good with my english ability, think that i’m okay with that. but its wrong.

yah, there is always a starting point to learn. there are so many ways. start to read more and more book in english, write some articles, whatching film without subs – yeah, it will take twice or three times than normal duration, spend the time to push pause and backward  :) -. but, break a leg. lets do it.

there is another reason beside my academic things. i do love travelling. hope someday i can go around the world. so fluency in english will help me.

St. Augustine’s quote, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

*ps : dear grammar police, please take your time while reading my writings. and don’t be  too harsh.. haha..



fall down on your knees, turn hatred into love
turn darkness into light


random post

galau operator seluler
kualitas si merah memang  gak perlu dipertanyakan lagi, tapi makin hari tarifnya makin mahal aja yah. paket blackberry unlimitednya mahal pisan. dan lagi paket sms juga naik tarifnya. jadi berfikir untuk pindah operator, tapi sayang nomornya.

selalu ada alasan untuk bersyukur
gw mendapat sebuah link yang membawa gw ke sebuah page yang ternyata milik teman. baris demi baris gw baca, wow.. kaget. isinya sangat jujur mengenai keadaan dia sekarang. tapi di akhir tulisannya itu dia menuliskan bahwa setelah menceritakan semua itu dia merasa lebih lega. ternyata banyak alasan yang membuat kita bersyukur atas apa yang kita miliki sekarang, dont compare your self to the others. hwaiting!!

kangen konser itbc
haha.. disaat mengerjakan project, tiba2 beberapa lagu semasa konser muncul dari playlist. sejenak tersenyum mengingat masa-masa itu. jadi kangen konser bareng mereka lagi. dont you?

nyesel kenapa gak dari dulu ngurus ielts. setidaknya bisa persiapan lebih awal. apalagi duitnya itu loh, sejuta lebih buat sekali tes. salut deh buat yang pernah nyoba sampai 8 kali.

hobby gw nambah
biasanya isian hobby cuma gw isi dengan reading, computer, watching movie, sekarang bisa gw tambah writing, travelling, photography-editing. kebanyakan yak. haha..

Famous Failures


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